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Hancocks Postulates
Matt Hancock has made his Counter Protest Placard already I see.

The revolution will not be televised.

Back in the 2016 I set comments of Professor Melina Abdullah to the Great Track The Revolution will not be televised By Gil Scott Heron.

“I was blown away by the appearance of Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matters on Democracy now yesterday following the Sanders win in the Michigan Primary. Professor Abdullah made a persuasive case for those interested in real change in the US not to become over-invested in a democratic (sic) process simply not designed as democratic in the sense of By the people for the people. The process is corrupt however hard Sanders or in a charitable case, Clinton and even Trump push back against. Its wider than that and the African American viewpoint is not something as A white Male expatriate white British Male in Sweden could ever understand let alone articulate so Reading Professors work as I have Dr. Cornell Wests ( Race Matters for instance) will provide me something of a shadow in the Allegory of the Cave. Cornell West inspired my Track Blues Man in the life of the mind.… and when Professor Abdullah mentioned and quite obviously referenced the Great Gil Scott Herons the revolution will not be televised I had to just edit that together along with some of the words of my Favorite living Philosopher Cornell West, and of Course the Dangerous Dude from the Brooklyn Hood Bernie Sanders. What happens in the US is more important to my Country of Birth The United Kingdom than the referendum to leave the EU, My blog on that can be found here”.

Since then we have had Brexit, President Trump all manner of “False Flag” terror, Skripal, PeeGate, New Zealand Mosques, London Bridge, Manchester Arena, Outrages in Every Continent and now #Contrick19

I put together this primer for the 26th September Rally in Trafalgar Square London touching on the Oligarchical Nature of the present rush to Serfdoms Brave new World for the 1% – 5% and 1984 for the rest of you.

RBG Death Means Two-Headed Uniparty Will Threaten Americans With Removal Of Civil Rights


Caitlin Johnstones Blog
“If however you recognize that America has two parties that are owned and operated by a single oligarchic class which has more or less the same overarching goal as far as ordinary people are concerned, it looks completely different.

If you understand that America has a two-headed one-party system designed to shrink the spectrum of acceptable debate down to arguments about how oligarchic agendas should be facilitated rather than if they should, what you see is a single entity threatening to take away your civil liberties if you don’t support it. A single establishment threatening to punch you with its right hand if you don’t let it punch you with its left.”

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

Who are they? perhaps a little Friere might help.
“[T]he more radical the person is, the more fully he or she enters into
reality so that, knowing it better, he or she can transform it. This
individual is not afraid to confront, to listen, to see the world
unveiled. This person is not afraid to meet the people or to enter into a
dialogue with them. This person does not consider himself or herself
the proprietor of history or of all people, or the liberator of the
oppressed; but he or she does commit himself or herself, within history,
to fight at their side.”―Paulo Freire,
Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Who are you? You and Me, us our and Them? UR reality. A week is a long time in Politics

Who are you? You and Me, us our and Them? UR reality
A recap on the past year from Election UK 2019 to the eve of a mooted second Lock Down.
A year is a long time in Political Economy.

Posted by Wiki_ballot on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Mike RObinson and David Scott of UK Column and Northern Exposure discuss The Magic money Tree. In 1729 Benjamin Franklin…

Posted by Wiki_ballot on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Mike RObinson and David Scott of UK Column and Northern Exposure discuss The Magic money Tree.

In 1729 Benjamin Franklin wrote a pamphlet ´´A modest Enquiry into the nature and the necessity of a paper Currency.”
a modest enquiry,
”There is no Science, the Study of which is more useful and commendable than the Knowledge of the true Interest of one’s Country; and perhaps there is no Kind of Learning more abstruse and intricate, more difficult to acquire in any Degree of Perfection than This, and therefore none more generally neglected. Hence it is, that we every Day find Men in Conversation contending warmly on some Point in Politicks, which, altho’ it may nearly concern them both, neither of them understand any more than they do each other”.

With Benjamin Franklin’s words in our mind also this in the introduction to Popes Essay on Man from the publisher,
“The reader of Pope, as of every author, is advised to begin by letting him say what he has to say, in his own manner to an open mind that seeks only to receive the impressions which the writer wishes to convey. First let the mind and spirit of the writer come into free, full contact with the mind and spirit of the reader, whose attitude at the first reading should be simply receptive. Such reading is the condition precedent to all true judgment of a writer’s work. All criticism that is not so grounded spreads as fog over a poet’s page. Read, reader, for yourself, without once pausing to remember what you have been told to think.”

Armed with an open mind and thinking caps on lets see what Mike and David Make of it all

Episode 1

UK Column Live · Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree – Episode 1

Episode 2

UK Column Live · Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree – Episode 2

Episode 3

UK Column Live · Deconstructing The Magic Money Tree – Episode 3

Episode 4

UK Column Live · Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree – Episode 4

Episode 5

UK Column Live · Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree – Episode 5

September 2, 2020
The principles of tax policyWritten evidence submitted by the Systemic Fiscal Reform Group

Parliament home page > Parliamentary business > Publications and Records > Committee Publications > All Select Committee Publications > Commons Select Committees > Treasury > Treasury
Session 2010-11
The principles of tax policy
Written evidence submitted by the Systemic Fiscal Reform Group



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14 Jul 2015 – 5 May 2016

Nazis Loot Greece

Nazi tendencies tend to emerge during Holiday Season.

Hitler on Holiday

The German tendency to bag all the sunbeds early in the morning before the Brits get up is well known.

This has long been cited as an example of German Acquisitiveness.

Beach War

Johnny Rotten predicted it all in Holidays in the Sun, the first track on Never Mind the Bollocks:

Click here for: Prescient Lyrics

Many people used to think that Angela Merkel was a fine example of the progressive attitude of modern Germany.

However recent events have made us think back to the past.

Dangerous Merkel

With friends like these… ?

It is only twenty-five years since German Reunification, and less than seventy-five years since the Nazi genocide of the vast majority of Greece’s Jewish Community in Thessaloniki.

Yet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has more power and certainly more popularity than her predecessor Adolf Hitler ever had.

Merkel, with the co-operation of other European leaders, is about to do more harm to the Greek population.

Adolf Merkel

Like the Holocaust, the Eurozone Crisis is not an Act of God but man-made.

As a reward for committing genocide in the 1940s, America gave Germany the gift of the Marshall Plan for Reconstruction.

This included a debt forgiveness component from Greece and Spain

Meanwhile the international Jewish Community were given the state of Israel as part of their role as Holocaust Survivors.

Now that they are once again in a position to colonize their European partners – Germany have not hesitated to flex their muscles.

How different is this treatment to what Germany did to the Greeks in the 1941?

In 1491 Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews and Muslims from Spain. Many Jews moved to Thessaloniki (also known as Salonica) which was then part of the Ottoman Empire.

f and d

Sultan Bayezid II sent the Ottoman Navy to Spain to save the Jews who were expelled.

Bayezid II

“He sent out proclamations throughout the empire that the refugees were to be welcomed. He granted the refugees the permission to settle in the Ottoman Empire and become Ottoman citizens. He ridiculed the conduct of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile in expelling a class of people so useful to their subjects. ‘You venture to call Ferdinand a wise ruler,’ he said to his courtiers — ‘he who has impoverished his own country and enriched mine!’

Eventually, in the 1940’s, the Nazi Occupation of Thessaloniki meant that, according to wikipedia, 98% of Jews from Thessaloniki were deported and killed in concentration camps.

Only Poland suffered a higher number.

Germany’s tendency to invade and interfere in other countries affairs raises a number of issues.

Will Germany do the same thing to Italy, Spain and Portugal?

Ireland have already been on the receiving end of Merkel’s negotiating tactics.

Many on the left forget that the Nazi party was actually a Socialist Party which officially declared itself opposed to Capitalism.

Nazi Anti Capitalist

How ironic that a country which so recently railed against Jewish controlled capitalism now adopts the ugliest aspects of the moneylender to which it declared itself so strongly opposed.

Is the fact that Germany’s victims are no longer Jewish supposed to be a sign of progress?

Killing Jews is an awful habit. So is the dehumanisation of the entire Greek people.

Some people, like John Heartfeld, saw through Nazi Anti Capitalism.

The Meaning of Hitler's Salute

The Real Meaning of Hitler’s Salute

Adolf Superman Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk

Adolf Superman Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk

As for the EU, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde:

Oscar Wilde

If the EU treats her members the way it has treated Greece she doesn’t deserve any .


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James Brown – The Godfather

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Movin’, doin’ it, you know
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Martin Nowak: The Mathematics of Cooperation from Why Are We Here? on Vimeo.

“That means that, whilst as purists we might prefer to set out our findings in calories, BTUs and joules, we have to talk in dollars, euros and yen if we’re to secure a hearing. It also means that we need models of the economy based firmly on energy principles.”

This conflates Apples and Oranges particularly when one talks of Borrowing Value from the future.
Debt is a claim on future Wealth but not future wealth. If wealth is Surplus energy then Borrowing can only sensibly be expressed as Borrowing Future Energy Streams. Energy Budget have to be expressed qua Energy budgets a subjective value-based currency unit is simply not up to the job.

The Gulf in understanding and Speaking at crossed purposes inherent in maintaining the Old Financial artifices, and artifices are what they are, will maintain the ignorance of the majority of people. This is I think perfectly acceptable to those of an Elitist world view and Mindset.

Embodied Energy pricing and circular economy concepts along with DIstributive concepts of political economy and not re-distributive taxation and state-based centralised top-down control mechanisms are what is required. Vested interests are not going to listen anyway Tim, Afterall Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

Finally, Interest charged on a dead medium is unsupportable by definition, this is the driver of the Growth requirement it’s the debt-based Financial system, and debt and taxation as a political control mechanism of the masses is something which again Elitist world views are more than comfortable with and simply do not wish to let go of.



The Scandic Model, Carl Bilt and the assassinations of Olof Palme and Jo Cox, amongst others? Sweden is being herded into the US Exceptionalism/NWO camp, Palme was in the Trotskyist Camp?
Laizez Faire American Exceptionalism, Nixon, Trump, JFK?
US Exceptionalism, Imperialist NWO  BUSH/Cheney EUFederalist and (NATO?) Axis
UN NWO ELite Exceptionalism, Stalinist Serfdom Clinton/Obama
UN Globalist Trotskyism, Corbyn, Sanders
Netanyahu/ Wihabbi/ Moslem Brotherhood Faction aligned to US Exceptionalist Zionist Imperialism.
The Queen,
The Common Wealth
Trump/Benedict Arnold ( Marrying the wrong Woman)
Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles
Edward and Mrs Simpson
The 3rd Reich, The Abdication and Plans for the Occupation of the United Kingdom
Irish Neutrality?
Deutsche bank.

2010 General election. Cameron Beats Brown. Cameron is an EU Federalist and the Heir to Blair, so far so NWO.


 2015 General Election

Cameron Beats Milliband.  NWO Tory Boy Blair Cameron Project beat the Wrong Milliband, David Milliband was the UN NWO World Globalist Internationalis Pick, His Brother was more of Purple tory to much of a mix of red and Blue. 

2017 General Election, May Beats Corbyn but only just. Cameron whose stock was bust in the 2016 referendum replaced by the unfattened Pick, Corbyn a UN Internationalist of the Uncompromising type was an establishment showboating own Goal, followed by Brexit Followed by Trump. Stepford Corbyn was yet to reveal himself in this campaign.


2019 General Election, Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn. Boris Johnson is an EU federalist hedging his Bets, the Establishment would have preferred Hunt whose Kaistocratic Credentials were altogether better than Boris, but the Public hate him and Boris is good box office. Corbyn is still in place but the wrong kind of internationalist, that is he is a Trotskyist and not a Stalinist. The Milliband UN poster boy David Milliband earning nearly one million Dollars a year for a “Charity” is still the main pick with Blair doing the SUrrogate attack work and keeping Millibands seat warm.


EU Defence
Constitutional and Parliamentary reform
EU Elections,
Dutch, German and French Elections
Italian Elections.
Canadian Election
Israel Election
Venezualen, Bolivian, Russian Elections.
Trudeau. Macron, Löven (Sweden)
EU Commission ( Kakistocracy.?
Roman Law, Napoleonic code or English Common Law?
Blairs Interjection
Second referndum
EU Rules ,
Hi John if we think the EU is our only problem I think we had better think again, Found this lot this morning Inter-Parliamentary
Inter-Parliamentary Union
The surface of politics as presented to us as an electorate absolutely does not reveal the infrastructure around the UN and the NGO infrastructures surrounding what is revealed is a fraction of what is really happening in terms of continuity global governance. With respect to gaming elections, the Kinnock Rally in Sheffield all those years ago was a Clinton camp operation and of course, the cross-fertilisation has only deepened since then. Then, of course, there is this
Most of this was memory-holed along with the 100-year rule and D notices,
James is a fairly unpleasant chap based upon his writing yet the truth of the unpleasantness of The Higher-ups is fairly well documented albeit memory-holed
EX Prime Minister Gordon Brown Was Named As Being A Paedophile In 2010- Relevant?
Propaganda – Exposing the New World Order and Government Sponsored Terrorism
Vaz questioning Sedwell on Dickinson dossier on UK column today, worth a look
Mike James: Are Pedophiles Running Blair’s War Machine?
James, as I said, is it seems a particularly virulent antisemite and quoting him would seem less than wise. The English-Celtic Struggle Against The Ridiculously Laughable Serpent Race
The Interview of Shrimpton by Allen is worth listening too only in that I believe them both to be Wrong and yet pissing in the general direction of the correct lamp posts.

British IPU group celebrate 130th anniversary in Speaker’s House

Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow

Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow © BGIPU

On 25 June, as part of the IPU’s 130th anniversary celebrations, the Chair and Executive Committee of the British Group Inter-Parliamentary Union (BGIPU) invited members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords to attend a diplomatic reception in Speaker’s House. Members of the Diplomatic Corps, key stakeholders in the UK Parliament and a visiting delegation from the Italian Parliament were also invited (Italy was one of the nine original member countries of the IPU, along with the co-founders United Kingdom and France).


Brexit Smexit, Why we should all be feelin the bern and the UK referendum on EU is of no consequence in or out.

Brexit Smexit, Why we should all be feeling the Bern and the UK referendum on EU is of no consequence in or out.

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