Death of Bin Laden?

2 May 2011

BBC News – Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden ‘dead’
Um? should we be pleased I think thats the idea. What happened on September 2001 was so incredibly unconscionable how could we not feel that this represents some sort of Justice for a terrible crime.
Please do consider though that even if Bin Laden was behind it or a part of the Attack no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq and current operations in Libya are equally indefensible.
Coverage of Libya is out and out propaganda in main stream media and Al Quaeda as a Talsiman for directing outrage is also very much part of the US/UK Axis of guiding public opinion on Middle Eastern matters where the history of honesty to the peoples of the Middle East and to the Electorate at home is not a proud one to say the least. Caveat Emptor, ceteris Paribus, Mange Tout Rodney Mange Tout.

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