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A poem and a discussion between Danny Shine and his friend threw up this term. I wondered what it was about. Google it or go to youtube see what you think there’s something for everyone depending on your time budget and whether you are seeking reinforcement of an existing narrative that chimes with …

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Unsatisfactory economic performance in PAKISTAN! | LinkedIn: “This is a piece of Art, the tension in the question of Economics as Art or science is quite intriguing.” — 0046702273052 skype: rogerglewis Skype telephone number +46406931188 Portfolio of on line Profiles( Go on be Nosy ) CLICK HERE PLEASE #ConquestofDough

Random seemingly unconnected areas of interest converging on curious coincidences and Synchronisities ( when did people start using that word ) Is it a good Buzz Word or is it a Bad denier flat earther off script off message word. On My Linked in a discussion about the Pakistani Economy. My interset in Pakistani is …

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