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Random seemingly unconnected areas of interest converging on curious coincidences and Synchronisities ( when did people start using that word ) Is it a good Buzz Word or is it a Bad denier flat earther off script off message word.

On My Linked in a discussion about the Pakistani Economy. My interset in Pakistani is purely due to my freindship with Raz nothing else I have a connection and Know freinds and family members of Raz who live all over Pakistan so I was interested to look at news from somewhere I hope to visit some day to see the Horse fayres in the Mountains and also to listen to some of the wonderful Folk Music and tapla playing.

Links and comments from my conversation with myself about the future.

This is also highly relevant to the article here I would definitely say its worth a good read.
The parallels to my current reading in the Perelman book the invention of Capitalism about the Land Clearances in Scotland, Primitive Accumulation, Industrialisation, Debt and then control its a scenario played out countless times and yet we don’t seem to see it.
First Principles write your own Narrative based on Local potentials and collective goals and targets Focus on fundamental needs and indigenous self sufficiencies Square away those principles and then look at sustainable surpluses that might be usefully traded for other goals i.e luxuries when Luxuries become a goal in themselves this turns common sense on its head its not even Human Nature. I have recommended Allen Carrs Easy way to stop smoking not because I think it matters whether you smoke or not what it points out is the difference between the physiological need to Smoke and the Psychological need to smoke when one decides to stop smoking it is the psychological artificially created want that Allen Carr deals with and why his method is so successful If your with me this far and haven’t bashed your computer you will probably see the point I’m trying to make I may well be wrong but it is a sincere point. long story short. Economics should be about Societal needs not Gobal wants. Needs are sustainable wants are artificially created to an extent summed up nicely by the difference between Success and Happiness.
Success is getting what you Want Happiness is Wanting what you get.

Roger Lewis • I found this site this morning researching Bio Fuels my question set for myself was is the Narrative that Bio Fuels cause food shortage and therfore will increase famine, we are all familiar with those arguments. Anyway I came across this Comparison of Belize and Dubai.
Is Pakistan underperforming? India and China have been mentioned as the comparator.
I found this article incredibly Challangeing it really made me think I am still thinking about it?

Roger Lewis • Hi I found the speech on Wikipedia. Take heed of very wise words and the Gentleman got to know the nature of the British very well i often wonder how much of the ideal for what we were supposed to have been then as a nation would be recognisable now. It seems to me that all the principals required are there I am not familiar with Buchannan and constitutional Economics more reading for me then? but if people are able to rally around those fine sentiments and agree to make the Leap of faith with the interests of each citizen in mind well its not Rocket science is it? I have a very close friend who is a proud Pakistani as i have mentioned before. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit with my friend and his family I hope to some day My friend has told me how beautiful Pakistan isand I will come as a Brother of my friend with love in my heart not greed. My friend is a devout Moslem and I am a Christian( Non conformist with a soft spot for Quakerism ) I named my son after him my friend Ras my son Rasmus which is also a popular Swedish name my wife is Swedish and we live here in Sweden Nowadays.I do wish you chaps all the luck in the world with getting things on track I’m sure left to your own devices you will the corporatisation of our Governments over here UK and America that is. Separation of the Judiciary and the Legislature made sense and frankly any modern constitution would separate those two as well, its common sense really our problem is that we have so many professional politicians its the problem of specialisation it can and does lead to not seeing the wood for the trees again common sense I like the part of your constitution that the Prime minister must be at least 45 yrs that clause if we had a written constitution would have pleased quite a few people in UK 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, over 45 and more than one good eye that would have done it.Best wishes,Roger

Roger Lewis • I will take a look at the speech I look forward to it. There is a lot of revision of History going on in very short order at the moment and a lot of misrepresentation of the intentions of regulations and checks and measures put in place over the centuries to limit the excesses of deluded men ( mainly men ?). Whilst much of the legislation is hopelessly old fashioned and very wrong headed to more progressive and probably what i would call Pan Humanist attitudes it was founded in an imperialism which lends no credit to our ancestors here in the West. In many respects a lot of the predjudice is very present in so much of what is being called things like The Arab Spring ( old fashoined fifth columns I call them state sponsored insurrections and the dark arts of the medicis and macievelli. The internet makes those things rather more difficult to pull off these days please pay attention at the back there Cameron wouldn’t have happened when it was called Greats not PPE somethings never did translate that well.
I am presently reading about the Land clearances in Scotland and it is very interesting reading a peoples bond to the mother county or Mother Earth is the cruelest bond of all to sever breaking the bond denies the basic facility to take from the earth what is given by Nature as a gift there is nothing natural in Debt and usary by denying access to land whole populations become workers and consumers reliant on mere money made currency by FIAT at pain of censure through Arms if all else fails( well I think the balloon is going up on that one big time I think we should all hope so anyway I think its time for economists to do their Bit and throw the dogma see Milton Freidman for the Bullying hypocrite he really was and get back to some of the original truths of what is after all Political Economy not Economics and lets all give the ECO some emphasis closed systems do not respond well to Logarithmic outcomes and don’t we all think that certain algorithms have done quite enough damage I think they were dreamt up by what Nigel lawson used to refer to as the Teenaged Scribblers.
When will the penny drop for all humanity that the color of blood is indeed Crimson and does not differ from complexion to language to religion to tribe to clan or family.and there is no monopoly on freedom of thought or ideas the lessons of antiquity belong to all of us and we can choose to understand and apply them positively or not.
Lets stop spinning the numbers and call em as we see em if you want to be playing the game well short striling and the dollar and hedge into gold personally i’d be backing against the Banks in the stock market apart from the ones that are state owned now by default but really thats just a rigged and broken casino the concerns of serious Political economy should be to see that trains run on time and that staple local food stuffs are on the shelves of local shops exchangeable for real currency that reflects real credit not some adulterated chimera of a currency represented by silly bits of plastic.
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Roger Lewis • 1993 to 2001 18 years, remind me when did the first Iraqi war start? It would be churlish not to recognise that there are external political considerations in play here I assume that none of us is so naive as to think that they are not? My reading of the situation in the West is that whilst there is an attempt to suggest that everything is OK and it should be business as usual there is a rather large movement gathering which recognises that Global Corporatism is not a good thing whilst global ecology just is. Natural Laws of balance and sustainability are proving that they have dominion over the Law of the Jungle I would say that our current economic orthodoxy is based more on an interpretation of the Law of the Jungle any serious philisophical consideration of the free market model shows that it is a model that eventually goes logarithmically insane in a debt feedback loop of mindboggling proportions and thats the Hockey Stick we need to consider not the discredited UN one the last party went to far the new generation hadn’t listened well enough to thier fathers and grandfathers it was ever thus but worse in the modern age I can only begin to explain how I regret ignoring so much of my own Grandfathers old fashioned words ( Neither a borrower or a lender be ) , bizarrely they may have done us a favour in shortening the end of an unsustainable means of exchange and distorted terms of trade by a few cycles who knows maybe there won’t be another they are very destructive as we all know ( The Cycles)if we are honest with ourselves.
Peak oil is more a problem for the petro dollar in my humble opinion than it is for the Natural environment where all things do return to balance Unfortunately Adam Smiths invisible hand was an assumption that didn’t factor in spin doctors and massive corporate advertising budgets creating artificial beliefs and presenting them as truths amongst many other fatal flaws of which i’m sure we are all appraised.
As I say write your Narrative based on 21st century knowledge not 17th century imperialist dogma.
I am just a retired entrepreneur what do I know only that any one that has been prudent and looked to the future making assumptions that there are any pretentions of ceteris paribus anymore is a fool and whilst theres one born every minute there are too many people wondering where their savings and pensions have gone for it all to be explained away this time. Where you have Greece Portugal and Eire all on their knees iceland submerged below a cloud of pyroclastic debt the US and UK having their own debt properly relegated to the status of the junk that it is surely its best to look to the advice of sir Joseph Osier.
“Now each one of you,” Dr. Osier said to
those Yale students, “is a much more marvelous organisation than the great liner, and
bound on a longer voyage. What I urge is that you so learn to control the machinery as
to live with ‘day-tight compartments’ as the most certain way to ensure safety on the
voyage. Get on the bridge, and see that at least the great bulkheads are in working
order. Touch a button and hear, at every level of your life, the iron doors shutting out
the Past-the dead yesterdays. Touch another and shut off, with a metal curtain, the
Future -the unborn tomorrows. Then you are safe-safe for today! … Shut off the past!
Let the dead past bury its dead. … Shut out the yesterdays which have lighted fools the
way to dusty death. … The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried
today, makes the strongest falter. Shut off the future as tightly as the past. … The
future is today. … There is no tomorrow. The day of man’s salvation is now

George Soros is fond of this analogy he uses it in the excellent Film Inside Job for which he graciously granted an interview. Oh and Mr Soros should know as we all do that the Titanic was un-sinkable?

Roger Lewis • Sounds very serious put that way but I would question the validity of the measurements and suggest looking at the challenges with the help of a narrative written from the interests of the Pakistani Nation not from anyone elses perspective.
How realistically one could consider alternative energy suppliers and alternative trading allegiances concentrating on modern post industrial measures of sustainability and longer term investment pay backs for projects which also factor in social costs and benefits as well as the iconic orthodoxy’s represented by you debt based measures such as GDP and inflation all referenced outside of natural laws of natural potential inherent in the Nation and its people.
The western banking system is increasingly recognised as a legalised Ponzi scheme when it is increasingly clear that that something has to be done about the farce of privately issued Fiat Currency and with the deficits problems faced by UK and USA incorporated why would anyone want to adopt and remain in an outmoded and broken paradigm.
China will be doing the same as will just about everyone else with any common sense.
The paper creation myth is exposed and I would caution any unquestioning following of the current hegemony’s Narrative.
Suggestions Its supposed to be a free market OK well look to South America and closer to home China And India if you cant however make political arrangements amongst yourselves to tackle your Economic needs how all these measures and views of the different institutions mentioned can be considered valid I really wouldn’t know.

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Roger Glyndwr Lewis
In investment banking, “vig” is sometimes used to describe profits from advisory and other activities. Vigorish from Wikipedia
Vigorish – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vigorish, or simply the vig, also known as juice or the take, is the amount charged by a bookmaker, or bookie, for his services. In the United States it also means the interest on a shark’s loan. The term is Yiddish slang originating from the Russian word for winnings, выигрыш vyigrysh. Bookmakers u

Roger Glyndwr Lewis
Roger Glyndwr Lewis I was researching Bio Fuel I wanted a little Van for our self sufficiency drive for our planned small holding. Producing Bio Fuel seemed to be a very doable thing.
“A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a Corporate state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the Corporate regime in The European Union and Saudi Arabia. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Dubai to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Corpoarte regime. . .
A series of articles written by the Belize Development Trust focusing on the improvement of the daily lif of Belizeans

Who needs the today Programme anymore? Well actually me too but it is getting worse has got worse and the corporatisation of the BBC is a bad thing anyway lots of challenging interesting and entertaining stuff on this channel there are others I have found but for now I’m drawn here it is a doing kind of vibe the Bio Fuel story of Ian Hill is very inspirational. Entrepreneurial spirit personified Is there a fundamental conflict or contradiction in being and entrepreneur but not being a Capitalist well it depends on what Capitalism is understood to be and also what one believes an Entrepreneur is. self sufficiency and sustainability is attainable through entrepreneurship and self employment incorporation and corporatisation is anti competitive and less free market oriented than Entrepreneurism so I am calling myself and Entrepreneurist from now one and my brand of Entrepreneurism is founded in self sufficiency and sustainabilty.

Just thinking out loud but renewable energy is the new Black Ha Ha.

Roger Glyndwr Lewis
A really interesting Internet Radio Station Pick a Topic and hear some alternative Narratives? in the spin speak.
Sue Supriano: Steppin’ Out of Babylon: Radio Interviews:
Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of issues of importance in today’s world– issues of peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Additional is

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