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Procrusteus and the Bed. Sleeping with the Enemy.
Overnight I have awoken to a notion that Centralisation versus Devolution and Tyranny are key concepts to sustainability.I feel like I have been rather slow on the uptake but what made the penny drop were a number of ideas from Alan Watt one being the Particle versus wave theories in Physics and particularly Quantum Mechanics the second being the Taoist Notion of from where am I grown rather than how was I made.
The interconnectivity of organisms through Cell structure and the idea of Flow and organic growth are important you made a comment in your radio interview about Socratic and Platonic thought I think it was and the notions of Adversarial and non adverserial so I googled alternative to adversarial debate and got Parallel Thinking this I find very exciting.
The important ingredients are . Polarity,Wave theory, Particle Theory, The uncertainty Principle, Motivational Bias in Measurement Parameters. I realise that none of this is new thinking its as old as the hills the parrallel is not Control to acceptance Google gives me this search no word here but the opposite of Controlled gives me slapdash
Lots of people have been here before Roy I know the Soviet System the way that China is sort of federalised. Federalisation as a concept obviously means something wery different in Europe and now in America than It did back in the 1770’s.
The plot thickens, I wondered if there were any directions you would suggest to save me from any particular blind allies Like Bin Laden I believe we do not start to see things until we start looking and knowing what questions to ask or where to look. Centralisation and concentration are not natural states in free systems
to release potential energy coalescence by integration into the wider ecology of the local environment has to be facilitated Allan Watts Wiggly versus straight lines and boxes comes in here. For me to visualise this its just the Valve amp versus Solid State/Digital debate Analogue V Digital signalling and the facsimilies of sample size to increase authenticity. Procrustean analysis here we come!

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