Fart Science Edit. For IPCC funding submission.

Latest from Sweden, Nobel prize predicted on this seminal Climate science into the humble , Guff, Fart, hoot, Fluff. Governments are working diligently on personal fartometers through which an important sub market of Carbon Trading offers great economic potential for abnormal profits.
Further research is being dedicated to Capture Sequestration and the harnessing of the acoustic potential for energy extraction. Encouraged by the work of pioneers in the work on Bovine Methane this is a serious field of endeavour for all right thinking Climate change specialists this truly is an Anthropogenic feed back system those pesky flat earth deniers can not Hijak.
There are several schools specialising in debunking or spinning against Fart Climate science they are the Wet Farters, The Silent but deadlys,the He who smeltitdwelters, The fake underarmers and the whoopy cushioners. These flat fart deniers can be dangerous when cornered if they start to turn around take steps to protect eyes and exposed skin areas.
The international university for Fart Science will be located in the twin Southern Swedish Towns of Paarp and Booarp both towns with a fine history into appreciating the niceties and societal norms of Fart Culture The fart franchise was won against stiff competition from various British Bottoms a spokesmone for the english society of Bottoms said ” This decision to locate to Sweden Stinks”. As a culture the Swedes have always appreciated a good fart over the well known and to some more satisfying Northern Hemishpere field of the Belch, this is a cultural divide of North and South which further stregnthens the efficacy of the science. Bum Belching really is a very pseudo science notion, we all can understand that can’t we?.


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