Narcissistic industrial Military Complex.

Narcissistic industrial Military Complex.

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The connection between Banking and the Industrial Military complex are systemic. President Eisenhower says it best try google. President Kennedy and his Brother Robert were also wary of the potential conflicts of interest. This narcissistic episode of history appears to be climaxing in quite a spectacle of entropic destruction.

The naughties will perhaps be remembered in history as a repeat of the the whole 20th century condensed and perfected into a War of subtle stealth. The War on Terrorism what does that really mean? A president without mandate managed to get a whole super power on a full war time footing turning the worlds hopes of a peace dividend following the dismantling of the Soviet Union into a Peace time punishment of successively deeper and more damaging economic collapses.

The Lunatics have indeed taken over the Asylum. Time to take it back.

I believe that the positive money campaign to take back and rationalise the basis for creating the money supply being suggested by is the best way currently to make a start to a return to sanity.

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