Derivatives 101, Some stuff on Calculus.

Calculus , Derivatives, Assumptions and so on an so forth.
Here are some notes and links of some of my reading and watching this morning.
 I have spent this afternoon doing some mowing of the lawn Washing up and also some routine maintainence on My Mac and Net Book both of which have been getting a little clogged up and doing strange things into the bargain, all fixed now.

Very much a stream of consciousness but all the videos linked are very accessible and very basic with further links on the you tube pages to greater complexity as required.

Remember non of this is rocket science and everything is comprehensible and accessible if broken down to its components and an understanding built from the ground up.

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Derivatives 101.
Watch Listen Learn always Question?.
Why is the most important question, ( Sometimes) is the most important qualification.
Never is a very dangerous Answer.
The Governement and the Banks Know whats going on but tell us one thing meaning another
When I say they know whats going on that is only up to a point they haven’t factored in the variable
that great un known of how many of the people you can fool for some of the time Barnumomics meets Obabama nomics meets Balmynomics.
A variable in Climate, Layers of the Earth.
article Physics and the solar wind.
I’ll be doing something more structured in Due course. I am trying to get my Calculus up to snuff for a pamphlet I plan on Publish regarding reform of Mortgage Finance in disfunctional markets, like we have now.



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