Manx/Austrian Economics. The Banking Tail has driven the Bankster Dog Mad. Tails Wagging Dogs. #ConquestofDough




Banking Commission wants firewall around retail banking07:59am on 12 Apr 2011124. At 08:32am 11th Apr 2011, Robin Joy wrote:

I find your comment interesting. Have you considered that ultimately so-called Investment Banking relies on the concept, and a concept is what it is, of Debt Money?

That is a money supply based on a system of IOU’s that are accepted by FIAT( not the Italian Car Giant) as currency. We as the general population accept this Debt Money and it is the fact that we can exchange it for food and shelter that we accept it in payment for our work.
At the most fundamental level investment banking needs retail Banking and the Debt money fractional reserve system that is licensed by those who Govern us, it has been this way more or less from the time of George 1.

There is a rather overblown and pompous tail (Investment Banking) wagging a once proud and loyal Dog( Just about everyone else including the extinct breed of wonderful hardworking executive Branch bank managers)In business my first Bank manager was Called Bill Turner he worked for Nat West in the Westferry Road Branch in the East End of London. ( He was pensioned off in the mid-Nineties).

Now although considered cruel in some circles you really want to Doc, the Tail of your Gun Dog.
Time to Doc the Tail of the banking system. Without docking the tail the dog will be destroyed having been driven half mad. In this case, it may well be that this Dog has to be destroyed and we will have to train another one.

This is a very interesting Paper on where the Risk now lies and how it is ranked in the “top 10 to big to failers.”

Short Answer, the Banks are shakier now than they were in 2006!

An interesting article in the Guardian newspaper on how the banks are planning to chart a course out of their present Bankruptcy by infecting our own Sovereign Economies.

Rather than letting them Fail slowly taking so many innocent people with them, my suggestion is we push them over the edge rebuild the system with a debt jubilee swap of all onshore liabilities.

As suggested here.

There is more than one way to Skin this particular Cat we need a Manx/come Austrian approach. Manx Cats have no tails ( the investment Bankers are not required at the Table of National Finance Sovereign Interests must assert their Authority. Enough is Enough!


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