Are Banks forcing a Collapse in the Property Market.

Are Banks forcing a Collapse in the Property Market.

Coercive Aggregation.?

An Estate Agent made an interesting comment to me earlier He said he had 5 instructions that had final warnings from the bank reduce your asking price to a bear minimum or we will be re possessing. I think there will be a concerted effort in that direction coupled with rate hikes in the Autumn, conceivably that could be a very unpleasant shock the threshold for tolerable pain in the Market is very low judging by my own experiences and a sharp burst of rates at 4% or 5% would really put the icing on the Cake for the Banks repairing their own balance sheets by usurping other peoples property and thats what I think they are going to try to do.
The banks might start easing things off again Next Spring, there’s the Olympics in the UK the US election etc so a big feel good through second half of 2012 into 2013 ( maybe ), if they decide they want to keep their Guy Obama in the White House. I have come across a term Coercive Aggregation. It sums up what the process seems to be achieving Accident or Design? who knows , the results are only benefiting one entity though and that’s the Banks and the Globalists, bad news in the short term.

As David Cameron is hinting he feels he has a mandate for another 4 years we may have a longer period of pain in the UK when the Banks decide if David and Gideon have earned their Brownie points with the Older Rougher Boys who got proper jobs at the bank..


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