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Was Watching A Michael Lydon  Video earlier, What got me started with Music ( See below) he Quotes Bob Dylan,” Those that aren’t busy Living are Busy Dying”. For some reason, it lead me to want to share a post I made in a Guitar Forum explaining why I don’t play my guitar all the time and Why performing isn’t the main objective for me that said I am now starting to think about Joining Starting a band, so never say never.



Philip, I have been messing about with it for an hour and it is very much like logic it gels with Amplitube very well and has a really nice graphics interface I think a half day of familiarisation and I’ll be good to go it is amazingly economical on CPU
usage and it will be interesting to see what the recording reproduction quality is Like.

Jorge the technical aspects of recording music and the production side of internet broadcasting for community-based Blog broadcasting is something of a passion of mine. I posted this in the Home Recording and tutorials section as others might find this programme helpful.

I love to play the guitar and enjoy it very much this technical stuff is the basis of my ongoing plan to make a sustainable  Business here in Sweden My areas of interest on the technical side are Digital Signal Processing, Midi Based Hexaphonic Guitar Pickup conversion and Modeling, Recording projects services and editing. Johanna’s Cousins Husband Shaw does something in the same field although I have been developing a Web-based Business plan for the past 5 years waiting for the critical mass of computing power to be networked Sweden is very advanced both in terms of Broadband infrastructure and Hardware in the hands of a viable consumer base. So things like reaper are amazingly exciting for me as it brings very powerful production tools within everyone’s budget which gives the synergy across online communities to collaborate and interface on creative projects using Video and sound not solely for Music and the Arts although to me that is important but not at a business level.

My other interests are Alternative Energy particularly Nikola Telsas ideas on electromagnetism.  my researches in both Pick up technology, Tube and transistor amplifiers and Digital System Processing have all been very helpful
in my Energy interests\study\research My guitar Hobby\obsession is not limited to playing, I  also enjoy writing both Music and Lyrics which again does not revolve around a performance aspect to my own interest. I have very little interest in performing personally I am however very interested in recording and videoing live performance and facilitating self-help tutorial based learning for cooperative communities for all sorts of technical skills involved with and used in sustainability and ecological projects.
I have been developing a business plan for producing BioDiesel from industrial hemp and looking at cooperative models for Hemp and Biodiesel electricity generation for a component-based community energy project with biodiesel back up generation as an adjunct to wind, photovoltaic, geothermal, water turbine according to geographic propensities.
Fuel cells and batteries are obviously fields which again there are cross-disciplinary synergies between Music Computers and Energy projects. Other cooperative ventures with complimentary by-product industries growing out of the core economic base of the Energy project are all linking back and the technical side of Music all help and are portable knowledge sets for application in the other fields.
It might seem a stretch to get from
Reaper recording software to Biodiesel and a suggestion of why don’t you play your guitar Roger?
I’m not sure if the above answers the question  but
in short, I get as much out of thinking about music and its technical side as I do from physically doing it
and performance competency on the guitar is not a priority for me I am happy to get to where ever I end up in that direction organically over time.

This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen its linked from the War on Want Web Site which is how I originally found it but it is from here that I re-found it to post here, It literally made me cry the first time I saw it for the first time in several years, tears of Hope


This second film I have not watched yet I’m downloading it now Telsa was an interesting character still surrounded by a lot of controversies.

And here’s my post regarding Michael Lydon andhisJazz Book, The Dylan quote and His Jazz blues Waiting for Godot.

Thought I’d do a Music Book Review thread I’ll call it Six Swinging Strings. Michael Lydon’s Book is the best introduction to Jazz and more formal theory at an accessible level he writes beautifully and engages the reader from the first lines and he is a great guy to boot.

 photo 511sHXTdp0L_SL500_AA300_.jpg

Well, I guess I’m Going to turn this into my 15 books thread too. Michael is a great guy, his enthusiasm is infectious.

I love this  Jazz Blues too The Bass is great and Elen on Piano is a real treat.

Michaels Interview on Memories of Rolling Stone Magazine filmed in 2007 before the crash I’m guessing. It’s interesting how much things have slid back since those optimistic words. Its time for us all to rediscover some of the Idealism, Radicalism and enthusiasm for new and progressive ideas set in a 21st Century Context and that’s what this Blog is about.

Bio-Diesel From Hemp Oil.

Revolving  Doors to Corporate Fascist World Government. Say No Today and from now on.

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