AN Unholy and un mitigated Mess.

In the mad hatters tea party that is Cameron World I find that it is now possible to be depressed and manic at the same time without the aid of artificial stimulants of any sort. My panacea for the Nations mental health Prescribe a MAC any Mac but not a Big MAc, the OSX variety, of Mr Jobs variety. Alternatively  Linux.
I intalled a linux system that can run alongside windows called Jollicloud yesterday and it runs very well on this puny Net book I couldn’t get wine the interface that allows windows based programmes to run on Linux systems but will keep trying and have been playing with ubuntu as well. Windows is very bad for mental health and time wasting, Linux or Mac, its the way forward to a freer better world and democracy.

That and This.

This part of the unholy mess has kind of become eclipsed in my reading of the soveriegn debt crisis which of course is its first cousin if not sibling.

My own focus on these matters has 3 interesting and conflicting drivers.

1. Extracting capital from my old home in the UK, ( a large Country Estate ) now with a complex geography of Debt and potential litigation ( having been sold short by one of my Banking partners).
2. Pursuing my future business ideas that were not encouraged by restrictive Planning regimes in the UK against alternative self provisioning\ self sufficiency ecologically based business. I am presently researching setting up a Hemp Farming cooperative here in Sweden. Encouraged by models such as Sequential Bio Fuels of Oregan.( See my Way forward Blog.)

3. Pursuing my true Academic and Artistic Passion for Music and the Electric Guitar. Signal Processing and Guitar Electronics and amplification strangely  my muse of the 6 strings and now Hexaphonic Pickup and Digital Signal processing capabilities tie in with my alternative energies interests particularly turbine technology and electromagnetism.

The financial Crisis is stopping my entrepreneurial endeavors I am sure this is an age old problem and one that exists for many others at the current time. I am a creative and inventive person and this crisis is preventing me from Creating wealth for the community ( my endeavors used to be purely motivated by personal profit, I now take inspiration from the example of Robert Owen,( my fellow Welsh man.) . Banking and its greed has a lot to be held accountable for.

Oh and did I remember to mention that David Cameron and Liam fox are war criminals and should be arrested and sent to the Hague for crimes against the Libyan people.

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