Crossroads, Linux, legacy Blues.

I have changed my Net book to a Linux operating Systemm called Obuntu. I have been very impressed with the DAW Reaper but found that windows 7 just used to much processing power. Getting Stealth Plug to run in linux is proving a challenge 2 days in and still not finished but the
possibilities look promising.
I decided to do this as the Amp models in Reaper are very good including a Dumble overdrive and a JTM45 the JTM 45 is fantastic. Anyway I stopped for a bit of noodling plugged straight into the MGFX15 it is a fantastic little amp, They are very popular in studios particularly with the Metal crowd,
Chris Dude reckons they are the best thing to get your Pinched Harmonics working.
Anyway I uploaded this from a Linux based video player and picture editor. 3 tunes Romeo and Juliet, I have stuck with the open tuning I prefer the harmonies that way even though the original is in open g with the Capo its much easier to play that way but I prefer the freedon’m of open tuning for my own purposes.

I have been studying Howerd Morgens lessons on chord inversions for 18 months now and have really got a feel for his approach to CHord Melody Voice leading, This simple progression in D from Danny Boy is the basis as Howerd points out for a thousand standard Gaelic Folk Ballads the Harmonies are beautiful within Howerds voicings of the chords and slowly but surely I am beginning to think in terms of intervals and individual notes to play next whether to play them together or individually and whether I want a Chord  and Arpeggios or a single note scale approach. For me Howerds series of True Fire Videos  defined the moment that I decided to enter the Wood shed and re learn my whole approach to the fretboard Wanting to be abole to play this tune and improvise within it was my inspiration and motivation to do what I have been doing with my own Guitar Journey so this piece has a deep meaning for me at several levels, quite apart from the fact that I have always loved the Song itself.

I have written a song which I posted a Lyric to my blog and I have been messing about with musical themes waiting for the music and lyric to come together in my mind as I play, maybe it was trying to come out with this piece I started to follow through on yesterday. I got a blues tone and some reverb to my own tastes and found a chimey bell like chord with a finger picked claw hammer approach and did 12 strikes of the Bell and in my mind it was Midnight and downs at the Crossroads by a hotel there were souls for sale. Anyway it takes a while for the music and lyrics to come together for me and I enjoy learning things along the way and then hearing things that bring other stuff to mind.

Back to my computer labours.

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