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Hey Mr Politician, ya know they payin me scrip
Been working a life time you given me Zip
Even in Debt I can’t make ends meet
It’s Crowded in the gutter and Mean on the street.
Served in the name of your country for Kings and Queen
A home fit for heroes is this what you mean
Compounded interest never make ends meet
Miss a few Paments and thrown in the street
Workin For life time my fingers are Raw
Work all the hours god sends and fight your bloody war
Deeper in debt but daren’t ask for more
Seems there’s a rule for the rich another for the Poor.
Gold it don’t Rust But Midas still Starved
We’re Rulled by your FIAT that aint the cars
Aint no Corporation lets me Work Rest and Play
An Honest Days work for a fairs Day pay
You Know we been Conned but you pay no head
You’re ignoring our Need and feeding their Greed
You reep what you sow and you stolen our seed
were the 99% and we’ve mouths to feed
We’re Ruled by FIAT that aint the cars
Aint no Politician lets me work rest and Play
An Honest Days Work for a Fair Days Pay
You Reep what you Sow but you aint payin no head
You’r ignoring our plight and sharin theoir Greed
Hey mr BAnker Man get the hell out of Hayere
we the 99% and we want whats Fair.
You Reep what you sow and you stolen the Seeed
we the 99% and we’ve mouts to feed
Gold it don’t Rust But Midas he starved
We aint taking your Fiat we aint driving you’re car.  

Author: rogerglewis

https://about.me/rogerlewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.

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