Secrets Of Oz. History Repeating itself

Bellicose Bankers eating all the pies is not a new phenomena. The flatulance of plutocratic psycopaths echoes down the ages from the Assassination of Caesar through to Today.

This is an excellent documentary well worth Viewing a ripping story holding so many answers to why almost without exception we all feel the pinch today. The Banks are robbing us blind and our politicians are helping them watch this documentary and wonder how many such memos are circulating regarding the 40% fall in the supply of money and probably more regarding what we in the 99% see at any rate.

Has anyone else watched the secrets of Oz. Great documentary I really enjoyed it the 1890’s have so much in common with the current times there was even a Bomb in Wall street around that time too I think. Ellen Brown is interviewed I like Ellen Brown very much
and also follow the Public Banking Institute as well as Positive I think Ellen is involved in the PBI as well.
Anyway its great seasonal viewing the Wizard of Oz and the Secrets of Oz no less so I tweet5ed this link and put it on my facebook page this sort of Documentary can open peoples eyes it is very  accessible.


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