Time perception comparative experience Pavlovs Dog.

Steve it is as you say not for everyone witness the Fire Bird x furore to see how true that is.

What is amazing with the Line 6 Variax’s is that all the processing is done on the instrument and it is plug and play like a regular guitar Acoustic or electric the only trick needed for the acoustic modelling is an acoustic Amp ( High Range acoustic amps )


Heres Rolands offering always a good starting point.


Being in a room with a beautiful Acoustic and no amplification is a completely different experience I would go as far to say that that becomes a spirtiual commune between Player instrument and listener in a way that intervening amplification can’t enhance outside of the live situation signals are going to be running through conducting material either as electronic currents or digital streams once into the signaling realm there really is no difference anymore.

The time factor is greatly reduced with the Variax guitars although workbench is maybe getting into time consuming territory, the deep programming and other technology in setting eq and so forth is a curve that exists for all and comes down to how much time we can spend on it both playing and the production skills in Sound Vision content and so forth. I was discussing with Johanna yesterday how we base our views upon our own comparative experience and those learned from other sources of information we trust sometimes unwisely.

Heres a link to a 1 hour and 15 minutes documentary I watched the other day which touches on the idea the psychological responses displayed by Pavlovs dog are played upon more than any of us really care to acknowledge I think some of the reading I haver been doing on Standard Concert pitch
Is really quite alarming in how small everyday things can effect out natural equilibrium.

This link comes from a totally unrelated subject but apart from Guitars and Sound Modelling which I spend probably half of my time on the other half of my time I spend as a Monetary reform Activist this next link is a longish article with an even longer discussion regarding the economic system and its present troubles part of those troubles is actually routed in some of the false beliefs we adopt as a pavlovian response to expected rewardThe Gibson Guitar forum is an insignificant small caricature of this social dynamic. Part of what I really enjoy about the club here and our ongoing guitar party is that we are interested in each others music and guitars but beyond that the ideas and feelings communicated through the music which we produce.

http://www.golemxiv.co.uk/2011/12/plan- … ks-legally

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