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Updated 16 March 2019, first Written in 2011.

‘I thought Gerry was guilty’: Senior British police officer initially suspected Madeleine McCann’s father over her disappearance and ‘tried to get him to confess’, new documentary reveals

  • Senior officer initially believed Gerry McCann was involved in Madeleine case

  • Child protection expert Jim Gamble even tried to get father Gerry to ‘confess’

  • But later knowledge of the case convinced him that the couple were innocent

  • Mr Gamble told a documentary he suspected the couple ‘from the very outset’

The Mc Cann story comes up usually when the Government wishes to whip a vote in the commons very vigorously.
I think it is a warning to all those with paedophilia in their control files with MI5.
At this point, the veneer of democracy is not only worn but the edifice is actually structurally damaged, Both Brexit and The Trump election has caused that damage.

The Financial System is running on fumes, held together with bale string and doing a very good impression of an African blue nailed to its perch.
The crisis is not merely one of finance and economics but across the totality of the control systems ( Governers) which keep

the System of human farming ticking over in a self-policing way.
when enough people question the system in its broad existential sense the problem for the overlords becomes an existential crisis for their way of life.
Effectively the overlords of this world are Gods on earth and they propound the false idols which people follow more or less willingly either because it is fun or it becomes addictive pretty quickly,
As a blues man myself I am of course persuaded that my own guitar chops would improve with a trip to the crossroads and making a bargain with the devil.
That’s a metaphor for all manner of bargains in all manner of control files, and the Mc Cann case represents just such a collection of bargains.
When Guy Fawkes was caught plotting to blow up the houses of Parliament it is said that the Tally sticks record for the Tax authorities is what he was really seeking to destroy,
Similarly, the records of a similar nature were what was really the objective target in the second temple in Jerusalem
Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange are similarly guilty of attacking valuable information which loses value if not hoarded to the benefit of an exclusive group.

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There are 7 whole notes in the western musical scale and Major is minor.
Modes it’s Where You Start
Harmony is where you finish
Melody is how you feel about it
Rhythm is Praxis
Enharmonic is a signpost to Plurality but its called according to which direction you approach it from.

I just listened to a Lecture on Goethe and Kant and truth and freedom(1) I think Robert Johnson may well have seen the Boris Karlov silent movie of Faust.

I also watched the Wizard of Oz with my Kids last night,

Alas! for the man who has little
in his noddle that he knows!
He’s under a ban and is called
a rattle-pate where e’er he goes.
He always does the very thing
he never ought to do,
He stumbles, and he fumbles,
and is aimless.
A lobster is he as anyone
with half an eye can see,
You can hear them jeer and sneer,
for his wheels are out of gear–
and it’s plain he’ll remain
quite brainless.

the Scarecrow wasn’t tuning Guitars at the Crossroads and the Wizard gave him a diploma but really said its within ourselves an Inherent intuition Kant called it a priori knowledge.

A few Goethe Quotes

We know accurately only when we know little, with knowledge doubt increases.

The effects of good music are not just because it’s new; on the contrary music strikes us more the more familiar we are with it.

All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green.

read my own post and remembered this really funny link i looked at posted at the acmebargig beta testing bulletin board.

Its called the Contemporary composers bullshit generator and is very funny

The Contemporary Classical Composer’s Bullshit Generator

My most personal mechanism always features strongly in any of my quartal compositions. I was first introduced to the concept of ‘eclecticly-Stockhausenesque orchestration-illusions’ last year, and it has allowed me a greater depth of installations, especially whilst developing the ultimate mechanism. My goal, in essence, is to layer musical recordings. My latest composition explores the boundaries between sounds and conflicts, whilst utilising a highly apparent attitude to a traditional, periodic sculpture. I am very much influenced by the idea of contextualising theoretical intricacies, particularly whilst combined with a highly tonal approach to meanings. The fact that tessituras tend to (at least in their repetitive state), textually compose, even in the presence of a strong material, is, you will agree, patently absurd.

It took me a long time to develop my ear a balance of both is a way to Work Smart and learn smart use what’s there but aim for this ( one of the best lessons on Youtube this)

My other 3 favourite lessons Ever.

Eureka Moment this one for me. Plurality is an amazing concept and not only in Music

Chord construction learn how they work not what they are Intervals ( ear training is the key to understanding Intervals its like a Chef testing for seasoning)

Finally Pitch Access


Bill Edwards Fret Board Logic and Michael Lydon Six Swinging Strings and Ralph Denyer Guitar Hand Book and the guitar for dummies Series.

Two of the greats of YouTube Justin Sanderscoe and Andrew Wasson.

Whatever works for you but Cotton wool in the ears isn’t likely to assist at least at the beginning. Beethoven only went deaf later.

If you can afford to spend a little time with a Teacher then great if not seek out someone further down the line than you and steal their Licks ( people have been doing that longer than the record industry has existed

I watched this video regarding the basics on Robin Fords Guitar Dojo site the other day
and thought it was pretty good. Harmony Rhythm melody but mostly Rhythm. With Rhythm on your side, you can busk to anything.

#ConquestofDough #ConquestofMusic Theory.



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    #SamizdisSamizdat #BrexitRebeliion #ConquestofDough #Web3BeattheBanStick

    Three Main Actors Moon of Alabama branded them FUKUS ( Very Droll ) In Order of the Acronym
    France ( Macron )
    UK (MAY)

    US ( Trump )
    All are leaders with a questionable Mandate, Trumps is strongest arguably but May and Macron remain Establishment Choices. May the DUP supported Own goal Merchant and Macron the Man from Nowhere who the Slog cruelly characterises as a Mother Fucker.

    Trump is talking about re looking at TPP, May is obviously Back Tracking on Brexit and Macron is facing challenges to his *Liberalisation reforms )

    May and Trump are facing electoral tests Mid Terms in US and Local Elections for MAy.

    In Short, all have challenging domestic agendas.

    The biggies are not domestic agendas but International Ones.

    If the Security Council meeting the main advocates supporting the action were The Netherlands, and Sweden both have been pushing the Syria Bashing.

    Sweden has the oldest Central Bank and The Netherlands is, of Course, the beginnings of the modern worlds Capitalist system. The Colonialö/Imperialist International Banking Project runs strongly through this whole thing.

    Israel has been fairly quiet I have news feeds from Jewish Chronicle and Haaretz the Israeli News Paper they have been observing keenly but apart from the Domestic Anti Semitism Schtick in Uk and of course the Israeli Strikes on Iranian Targets, Israel has a very Low profile here, in fact barely garner a mention? Staying in Shadows pulling Strings, BiBi is a class operator in the black arts of arm Twisting, he was as a younger man much more dashing and charming he has morphed into a rather unattractive slimeball but I must admit I found the Younger Netanyahu very convincing, not so now.
    He has his hand up Trumps back though, all public appearances of the two together show this to be so.

    We can usefully distinguish between events, and Characters as well as Domestic and International Dynamics.

    Russia, Turkey, Saudi, Iran.

    Here is Gets Very Complicated indeed.

    3 players are steeped in the intrigues of Petro Dollar Hegemony and Turkey was a key creation of the Post WW1 treaties which brought in the age of Oil and FIAT/GoldStandard and the Fed (The Gold Standard was a FIAT system under the shining exterior, I will not go into that here But Zarlenga’s Lost Science of Money goes into it in depth)

    Gas PipeLines Involve all of them.and in that respect we have to bring Ukraine into the Picture as well.

    Israel is also a player with the Gas question in respect of the Leviathan fields and other fields in the Eastern Medetaranian this also brings Egypt into the picture. Of Course, Libya and Iraq come into the question from PetroDollar and Energy aspects of the question and lead back to General Wesley Walker.


    As of April 2014, German mainstream media continue to ignore the peaceful weekly Monday demonstrations in now over 34 German cities – defaming them ludicrously as “new right-wing movement”,

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