Take some Precautions Hazard approaching.

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Banks are teetering on the edge some sensible precautions are in order. Keep some liquid resources Cash at hand dried food candles fire wood that sort of thing
handy if there is a widespread problem it will take a few weeks for other means of exchange and distribution to kick in.

Don’t panic and if any financial organisation is in a position to vote or dispose of any of your savings or assets under discretion delegated to them or through fraud probably best just to get the paperwork changed.

The real big problems for the Banks kick in in the first quarter end the system will likely start creaking ahead of then. We are entering a period of adjustment when what is real is becoming apparent and the fantasy nonsense narrative of debt based money pedaled over the past 40 years that was not corrected in 2008 when if politics had been for the people it  would have been and should have been.

Anyway my honest assessment is that it is sufficiently worrying to take some small precautions it is a world wide problem

If the banks do not trust each other and they do not why should we trust them ?

I am optimistic for the future long end of 2012 into 2013 but first half of 2012 could get rough Iran China North Korea Pakistan Afghanistan particularly Iran and presently Syria are all being subjected to NAtO and israeli war crimes similar to those committed in Libya and Iraq before . If there is not reform in American British and EU state political and corporate systems of governence there will be war and probably Civil war / revolution.

If we use the internet and our family and business Networks to assert our collective democratic will the criminals in charge by default presently should be brought to justice.

Anyway I would be dishonest not to share my honest and sincere concerns here so there you have it.

I’m more than happy to provide any number of sources and what not upon which I base my assessments they are not politically motivated I am a committed anarchist and have no political leanings what so ever a plague on all their houses my only concern is for the welfare of my Neighbor and his neighbors and their neighbors neighbor as it is in nature so it should be in politics.

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