Hannes Alfvén. Free Energy the Electronic Universe.

I have done a little bit of reading into Plasma Cosmology. I have been inspired by the writing of Maurice Cotteral and various writings about Nikola Tesla and have come across yesterday Hannes Alfvén a Swedish Plasma Physicist.

Anyway this from Wikipedia on the Aurora Borealis.


The following conversation occurred between two operators of the American Telegraph Line between Boston and Portland, Maine, on the night of 2 September 1859 and reported in the Boston Traveler:
Boston operator (to Portland operator): “Please cut off your battery [power source] entirely for fifteen minutes.”
Portland operator: “Will do so. It is now disconnected.”
Boston: “Mine is disconnected, and we are working with the auroral current. How do you receive my writing?”
Portland: “Better than with our batteries on. – Current comes and goes gradually.”
Boston: “My current is very strong at times, and we can work better without the batteries, as the aurora seems to neutralize and augment our batteries alternately, making current too strong at times for our relay magnets. Suppose we work without batteries while we are affected by this trouble.”
Portland: “Very well. Shall I go ahead with business?”
Boston: “Yes. Go ahead.”
The conversation was carried on for around two hours using no battery power at all and working solely with the current induced by the aurora, and it was said that this was the first time on record that more than a word or two was transmitted in such manner.[25] Such events led to the general conclusion that
The effect of the Aurora on the electric telegraph is generally to increase or diminish the electric current generated in working the wires. Sometimes it entirely neutralizes them, so that, in effect, no fluid is discoverable in them . The aurora borealis seems to be composed of a mass of electric matter, resembling in every respect, that generated by the electric galvanic battery. The currents from it change coming on the wires, and then disappear: the mass of the aurora rolls from the horizon to the zenith.[27]


Aurora australis (11 September 2005) as captured by NASA’s IMAGE satellite, digitally overlaid onto The Blue Marble composite image. An animation created using the same satellite data is also available.

The ultimate energy source of the aurora is the solar wind flowing past the Earth. The magnetosphere and solar wind consist of plasma (ionized gas), which conducts electricity.
Free Energy and the Electro Magnetic Earth and Universe, why not save some money on warring over oil and send some of the Wonga the way of the Electrical Engineers and Plasma Physicists and the Cosmologists and the Maurice Cotterals of this world.
Another Post on some recent reading. ( Over at the free Speech Guitar Club.)
On Nobbers and so forth. I’m not big on Noburu and end days forecasting although the world will end some time as we know it today as it has in other times.
Fascinating things of that ilk I have found over the past year are to do with the Electronic universe an alternative to the string theory chaps and their Higgs Bosun ‘and Cern and so forth I’d suggest that the spin is more propaganda than quark gluon or nutrino’s engages in some sort of sub atomic multi dimensional ballet , could all end in tears similar to Economists and their pursuit of dogma masquerading as empirical science.
Anyway the two non main stream writers who have captured my imagination somewhat are  Maurice Cotteral he made some interesting discoveries regarding the Mayans as well incidentally but his work on Magnetism and the electronic universe and Gravity is really interesting.
The  other guy is from the 50’s and Stanford a contemporary of Einstien.
 Imanuel Velikovsky
The main stream is the home of a lot of convention and the conventional is not always either correct or even the best way forward but it is accepted. Academia particularly as it is now like everything else hijacked by the corporate does tend to carry on in the direction its sponsors approve of. Its a shame that Brian Cox seems to have bought into the Mainstream conventional corporate narratives
This clip of Cox demonstrating standing waves is very amusing he seems like a nice guy and I enjoyed his Desert island discs I think he did that there was a longish interview I listened to any way. I do like the term Nobber its very descriptive. ( we should all me more in touch with our inner Nobber.)


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