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I was pondering on the notion of Aestheticism and the the Vows of Poverty in some religious paths chosen by or for persons of that persuasion. Matthew Arnold, John Ruskin, Ghandi, Descartes, Socrates, Alan Watts, Witgenstein, Shoppenhauer, Neitszche.All to some extent combine a sort of mixture of Vow of Poverty, Romanticism, Aesthetisism. or aspiration towards …

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Wow…rare Indeed! | LinkedIn Putting it crudely in the words of the famous old rugby song. Rich Girl uses Vaseline, Poor Girl uses Lard Dinah uses Axle grease cos her @™£$ is so Hard. Dinah Dinah Show us your Leg. One Mans Fish is indeed another man’s Poisson. Packaging and marketing a triumph of stylisation …

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