Wow…rare Indeed! | LinkedIn. Style over Substance , Triumph or Tragedy?

Wow…rare Indeed! | LinkedIn

Putting it crudely in the words of the famous old rugby song.

Rich Girl uses Vaseline, Poor Girl uses Lard Dinah uses Axle grease cos her @™£$ is so Hard. Dinah Dinah Show us your Leg.

One Mans Fish is indeed another man’s Poisson.

Packaging and marketing a triumph of stylisation over substance, the job for the way a fiat monetary system to work is to create increasing demand for goods that no one really wants or needs but to convince them that they do. Gas, Jonesing, Penis Envy. Mythology.
It is a really nice looking Strat, would be nice to hear how it sounds, after all, that’s a major point. Another point is it will sound better to some than to others and play better for some rather than others even in separate pairs of expert hands it will have a different character.

As women and indeed some men I understand pay for the packaging for cosmetic items as much for the unctions contained therein, it seems that Guitars have been endowed with the same brand spin objectification it´s a value in use over value in possession dichotomy rather less honest than perhaps some debates in Art regarding form and Function.

Mythologising and then owning an object of desire becomes a substitute for the purpose or ability to use the item in question Money is not wealth and ascribed value is not wealth but systems apply tokens to abstracts to create artificial rarity and where the differences do not exist we simply make them up or fall for someone else’s story telling.

W C Fields told us way back when, Never Give a Sucker and even break, well back in the 30’s the absurdities of the 1920’s were barely over and of course there followed a terrible 15 years. Similarly in an exaggerated repeat of History as tragedy? Here we are playing out similar tragedies and Guitars for some folk have become a pathetic token of some sort of reflected worth.

It’s just a reflection of a wider malaise, not really worth sweating  the small stuff but Nota Bene

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  • Its interesting I woke up pondering the idea of How attachment of importance to ownership outside of any rational utility was absurd. And i wanted to find some parable related to the possession of anything not being an endowment of the power to produce what it produces the notion of we could own a thousand canaries but we still could not sing like a canary? Hans christian Andersons Emperors New clothes takes a lot of beating but Epictetus is a pretty shrewd character.


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