The neo Wittgenstein’s, Showing the Community Fly out of the corporate fascist Bottle.

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There is definitely an inertia and apathy problem which is nurtured in the mainstream corporate media. The Types of Activism I engage in seek to address this mass conditioning and feeling of hopelessness a simple google of the term `Cognitive Dissonance`gives a good introduction to the psychology being targeted at the disenfranchised.

It is through engaging in a participative and collegiate education process that empowerment can be brought back at a local community level and the interaction of community groups can encourage and embolden direct action and civil disengagement from the exploitative mechanisms aimed at communities. The best defence agains a divide and conquer strategy is a sort of guerrilla cell structure that has strong social ties and loyalties that unite around common objectives with other community cells this sort of revolutionary strategy creates a polyphonous hydra of dissonant feeling against the highly centralised Global statist machine.

If one looks at the Civic Society Group here on Linked in and the Community action group in the UK which I am also a member of and also look at the Positive money campaign very strong communities are already emerging and we take heart from previous struggles seen in the Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and disabled rights struggles and those of the ANC, IRA, PLO and particularly the political wings of those organisations. Non violent means as Ghandi advocated can be even more successful in the internet age and the internet is owned by the Hacker community and open source linux based activists again where I have strong ties with my own activism based around our own cooperative here in Sweden.

Paulo Friere showed the way for engaging in a positive dialectic between shared learning in community based learning in the favellas of Brazil. My friend Roy Madron has written persuasively and intelligently on these issues from his base in Brazil and Giant figures of the intellectual struggle for plural systems of community decision making such as James Robertson , David Harvey and Noam Chomsky all show the new upcoming Generation that I aspire to be a part of the way to engage at an intellectual level in an approachable way for all of our neighbors and in a powerful academically and scholarly way with the Bureaucrats defending the status quo.

The Plutocrats will eventually either respond to a Roosevelt type of new deal proposition which will come from the new Statesmen who are yet to Emerge, but politicians such as Kunich and Farage are out riders for the intellectual and mass indignation which will increasingly be heard as the current system continues to crumble and resort to yet more bankrupt actions against problems it creates and that it does not understand due to blind dogmatic desperation. The community activist movement already has many Wittgenstein’s who have already  written  the language that shows the rest of us the way out of this particular bottle.


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