Conditioning (a poem)

A poem, very short. On the theme of the American drive in Cinema( as analogous to Plato’s cave.).

Conditioning (a poem)

Pleasantries exchanged with the peasantry, what is intact of the real me?all is not as it seems in the wide world, not all sincerity is sincere you see.of caves and reflections , insults and deflections no application no rejection,in actions and deeds examples and needs those conditioned minds baron of seeds.

I am researching a piece I am writing about guitar forums based upon the Enchideron ( Epictetus), I have also been spending a lot of time on line selling some guitars and getting Johannas on line marketing in place and properly networked.
Being different , appearing different or even saying different things to the scripted narrative can cause a hell of a fuss in cyber space. I can only imagine how it is in some of the workplaces where these anonymous guardians of the mainstream orthodox narrative  are employed. Or even employ others ( god forbid?)
A link to the Cave.

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