The Universeum Gotenberg. An Ecological inspiration and an Essay on Aristotle’s Four Causes.

A day of Spring Cleaning of sorts, Spring Tidy Up in the Studio at any rate. A full stop to the previous paragraph and the Chapter which has been the last 3 years. The Universeum was a revalation last Friday I used 2 of my original tracks and a Cover of Summertime in my Video Tribute to Gert Wingårdh’s work of ecological and Architectural genius.




I will be spending some time over the next few weeks writing an essay inspired by Gert’s masterpiece based around Aristotle’s Four Causes, the building and sustainability as reality. I will be combining the essay with some reading I have to do with respect to a Socratic Dialectic I am having with a correspondent at the Golem XIV blog, Hawkeye AKA The Forensic Statistician.

Hawkeye February 21, 2013 at 12:55 pm #
Hi Roger
There are some very practical reasons why oil has held sway as a dominant energy source. It is a highly compact and dense storage medium (not just a source of energy):
Even if we could liberate a bounty of “free” energy, there are consequences and limits to what we can exploit:
None of this undermines your valid point about Capitalism requiring monopoly access to energy inputs though. And they are certainly very good at that !! But the monopolisation doesn’t prove that there is a better / bountiful alternative.
In olden times, it was sunlight that mainly provided energy, mostly in the forms of agriculture and working animals. Hence the wars at that time were over monopolisation of land (e.g. empire expansion). Monopolisation has always exploited abundance, not suppressed it.
What we should work towards is the democratisation of energy resources (regardless of any limitations, but especially accepting that there probably are real limits to what is available), and the equitable distribution of it.
  • Roger February 21, 2013 at 1:18 pm #
    Hi Hawkeye,
    I’m still not buying the
    ” It is a highly compact and dense storage medium (not just a source of energy):´´
    Last line of this blog I did on this question. Having seen the oil Claim her previously,
    ´´The standard line is that it is portable and relatively cheap to extract , when one starts off down that road incredulity is but a few steps around the corner.”

Some catching up to do with friends and those two Bert Jansch Classics Needle of Death and Sweet like a bright Sunday morning to get learnt also finishing off learning the Chord Melody arrangement of Sweet Child of Mine.

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