Dan Smith Strats and other Tulip manias?

Roger Lewis Is this the same Dan Smith?


1982/3 Dan Smith Fender Stratocaster

In 1981 Fender-CBS hired William Schultz, John McLaren, and Dan Smith away from the U.S. division of Yamaha. Schultz became the president of Fender-CBS, McLaren the managing director while Smith was appointed the director of marketing for Fender electric guitars. In a drive to rejuvenate the quality control and Fender’s market position, Dan Smith oversaw an upgrading of the basic production model Stratocaster and by late 1981 the new production model was unveiled as the 1982 Stratocaster. It featured a pre-CBS smaller headstock (compared to the 1980 “Strat”), a four bolt neck plate, an overwound X-1 pickup (introduced on the 1980 “Strat” model) in the bridge position and a body end truss-rod adjustment without the Bullet nut. These are known today as “Dan Smith” Stratocasters and prized by collectors for the attempted, albeit brief, return to pre-CBS stylings.

The following year the Standard model received a short-lived redesign seeking to reduce production costs and price on American Stratocasters. This revised version lacked a second tone control, a newly designed Freeflyte vibrato system, and a bare-bones output jack. A reshaped ‘Comfort Contour’ body with deeper forearm and waist contours similar to an early 1960s model was introduced. What it did retain was the 1970s-style headstock decal. The 1982/83 version of the Standard Stratocaster has little in common with the Dan Smith guitar, apart from the period when they were sold, but is sometimes informally (and controversially) presented as a “Dan Smith-era” or “redesign” guitar. After the Standard Stratocaster was discontinued in 1984, Fender Japan produced a 22-fret version with a flat 9.5″ radius and medium-jumbo fretwire until 1986.[14]

If this is the same Dan Smith I guess like Picasso we know have Dan smith periods. The Early period, blues period, seven string period

1 Art

1.1 Before 1901
1.2 Blue Period
1.3 Rose Period
1.4 African-influenced Period
1.5 Cubism
1.6 Classicism and surrealism
1.7 Later works

Dan Smith.

1.1 Before 1982

1.2 First Dan Smith Strat Period

1.3 Dan Smith Offshoring Period ( Japan )

1.4 Second Offshore Period ( Korea)

1.5 Taco Period ( Mexico ) Squires

1.6 Surreal and Mythological Period

1.7 Later Works.


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