Feeding the 5000. Bejebus.

´´We are meant to be known by the 5,000 not the five billion. The people who serve the people need to choose who supplies the service. We are delighted when the public knows who we are, but really, we need to be known by the people who make decisions.”

The current chief executive of the global Serco Group is 49-year-old Chris Hyman, born in Durban, South Africa. His annual remuneration is around £700,000, plus bonuses; in 2011, the value of his total package rose 18%, to £1.86m (the company’s finance director had to slum it at £948,295).
In 2010, Hyman was given a CBE for services to business and charity; he is also an enthusiastic fan of motor racing and an evangelical Christian


 From 1978 Feeding the 5000 album how apt.

 You’re paying for prisons.
You’re paying for war.
You’re paying for lobotomies.
You’re paying for law.
You’re paying for their order.
You’re paying for their murder.

Paying for your ticket To watch the farce.
 Knowing you’ve made you’re contribution
To the systems fucked solution,
To their political pollution.

No chance of revolution.
 No chance of change.
You’ve got no range.

 Don’t just take it.
Don’t take their shit.
Don’t’ play their game.
 Don’t take their blame.

Your turn instead.
 It’s not apologise.
It’s not economise.
It’s not make do.
It’s not pull through.

It’s not take it. It’s not make it.
 It’s not just you. It’s not madmen.
It’s not difficult. It’s not behave.
 It’s not, oh well, just this once.

It’s fucking impossible.
It’s fucking unbearable.
It’s fucking stupid.

 Enough Said!
Except Maybe.

 As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.
Quoted in John Dewey and American Democracy by Robert Westbrook (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1991), p. 440; cited in Understanding Power (2002) by Noam Chomsky, ch. 9, footnote 16; originally from “The Need for a New Party” (1931) by John Dewey, Later Works 6, p. 163. (Via Westbrook.)


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  1. Patience and explanation one mind at a time Roger. Clearly with less media infrastruccture we are at a disadvantage but no movement for change has had the internet before so Organise and energise.
    Blake believed that Paine’s “Energetic Genius” led him to perform miracles: “Is it a greater miracle to feed five thousand men with five loaves than to overthrow all the armies of Europe with a small pamphlet?”

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