Surge in Climate Stories in Social Media

Why the big push?

Multiple social Media lobby groups and the MSM seem to have taken up the Evangalism to seek out and burn deniers again. Why?

I suggest it is not anything to do with the Climate in the Environment but the Climate in the Western Economies. The next Crash will be fixed by Bail In and a move to a Carbon Based Currency. As Economic meltdown is perilously close who ever pulls the strings seems to be pushing the Climate disciple genoflection panic button on these Climate Witch hunters.

This from Media Lens.

you’ve just landed on Climate Myth 1. How is that a myth? Climate is a Dynamic Complex system by definition it is always changing. Climate Changes the question is is Anthroproogenic Global Warming happening. Does Human Activity cause Damaging Glöobal Warming? the answer to this is no one knows although some suspect that it does. Some go further than that and isolate Mans CO2 emissions as the prime cause of Man Made Global Warming. This is a theory which is both un proven and not confirmed by observation. What we can observe is that the Finance Capitalism model of political economy causes industry to be profligate ( wasteful) and reckless with respect to Externalities ( effects caused outside of costs efffecting the bottom line) there fore observable Pollution and despoilation by Fracking and Tar Sands Extraction Over fishing ( the List is endless all carry on regardless whilst the CO2 ( Theory remains centre Stage) One must ask why the Elites who could deal with Environmental questions and questions of poverty given the will ( There is an Abundance of potential here on Earth ) The reason CO2 is a project of some importance to the Elites is it is a semi religous faith based way of basing Debt based (Currency on Carbon Credits) The Carbon/Debt based Monetary System would ensure that the greatest folly of all the Debt Based Money System will be re invented and the Human Condition and environmental standards will continue to be eroded and a large part of the Worlds people will continue to struggle in Debt bondage. The CO2 Myth is second only to the Myth of the Free Market. Media Lens really ought to know better!

And This.

Hello Bill. Thank your for your concern and if you wish to have a dialogue I am happy to have one with you. Your use of the word educate evades my understanding of the word. What you seem to be trying to do is shame me into compliance with another view point by casting aspersions regarding intelligence and viewing habits that is not education it is coercion.

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