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Anyone else wondering about this ISIS lot in Iraq? The Ukraine is awash with Dodgy Narratives as well. Quite honestly how on earth can we trust anyone in Westminster? Blair says Iraq is nothing to do with him and his War, Hague wants a war so he can feel Big and Tough. Even the London Mayor is Buying Water Canon and Rubber Bullets what in the name of all that is sane and decent is going on?

Some sort of collective National Strike/ Economic action aganist the Multinational Corporations and the Central Government is required I suspect the most effective form of protest would be to have a weeks of action where everyone deals in Cash and buys all their needs that can be met by Local producers in Cash this would Cause the BAnks a head ache and also send the Tax farmers into a tail spin too. Cash Economy UK week, a day of action revolting against Plastic Money and Plastic Politicians.

The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate | Global Research

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