Bairns not Bombs, A defence not an Attack industry.

I must say I agree with this poster very much. I watched the debate last night and for me the biggest downer was Ed Milliband painting Ukraine as a problem of Russian Aggression, this is so simplistic as to qualify as a lie and in any event the Geo-Politics of 2015 does not and never has made Nuclear Armaments Valid or useful, I thought Nicola Sturgeon gave a very good exposition of conventional Military arms policy for the UK and Nicola Bennett also described well as did Leanne wood the positive uses that a conventional Defence force can have ( Defence is the operative word here) If one wishes to have the capability to Shock and Awe that is quite different to any notion of defence. I am still marvelling at the marginalisation of the important question of Money and Money Creation when Austerity as a policy is clearly firmly in the spotlight. How can any discussion of either the National Debt or the Current Account deficit be sensibly balanced if one does not question the role of Debt in money creation and that 97% of debt and therefore money is created by Private banks out with the interests of National Political Economy. Did anyone else catch William Hague´s interview immediately post-debate, clearly Clegg and Cameron were playing a psychological game in sending a message that they could let the children have their own little discussion unintimidated by the grown-ups. Has Hague moved on since he addressed the Tories at Brighton back in the late 70’s? life usually teaches the rest of us rather a lot certainly enough to laugh at our younger selves and to rue some of our lost optimism and innocence, why do I think this is not the case for Hague perhaps we should call him William ( the cold fish) Hake.


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