Welsh repression, How long will wales take to cotton on to the SNP revolution in Scotland and why They should do the same.

Wake up Wales. Labour is not representing Welsh interests Plaid do. The Tories condescend to wales always have always will. It seems amazing to me that Plaid and the Greens are behind UKIP. Plaid should adopt The Greens monetary reform policies as should the SNP in Scotland. If the union is to stay together devolution and fair play regionally is a must this applies also to Cornnwall ( the South West and also the Midlands , North East and North West of England. Labour and the Tories are both London( Wetsminster, City of London) centric. Out of touch with the real economy and with the lives of ordinary people, even ordinary people in London. I accept that UKIP are more in touch with grass roots folk as well, but lets face it they are really Old fashioned Tories, Nye Bevan would have recognised them as such I am sure and I am sure he would have something to say about ´´New Labour´´ too. This general election could do wonders for democracy if Labour and Conservative candidates were ignored and people voted for the real choice between Progressive or Conservative policies as represented by Greens, Plaid SNP on the one hand ; and UKIP on the other. If people voted for their best interests and those of their communities Scotland would have the SNP , Wales would have Plaid and England would likely have Green with a sprinkling of UKIP and Lib Dem. A vote for Labour or Conservative is really a vote for the status quo They are both Neo Liberal in essence and have forgotten that People Work to Live, its not supposed to be the other way around . For a work life balance and for balance in political economy reject the Live to work parties of Big Business Globalism and embrace the Work to live parties of balance and fairness.

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