A well hung parliament signifies virile democracy.

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Reject to narrative of smaller parties holding governement to ransom, Democracy is not about WInner takes all, stuff everyone else once the bidding is over. Democracy should be a consultative inclusive process sensitive to all needs and wants across the whole spectrum of society , cultural , political and Economic. It is non sensical in a functioning democracy to claim that minority views should not be heard where a case is made. Is it a democracy where a minority voice is able to be ignored? Many minority and yet Right minded voices have been ignored and taken for granted for far to long in British policies a hung parliament with a Coalition or more informal supply and support arrangement is precisely what British Democracy needs. Balance is the key to life itself and no less in political life where power should be balanced by accountability and alternative voices with access to full checks and balances against excessive lurches in favour of special interest groups. So go ahead and vote for what you believe in and if that deliversa Hung Parliament so much the better. A well hung parliament signifies virile democracy.

Policies photo policies.jpg See what your real voting intentions would be absent the spin and nonsense Click link to take the survey. https://voteforpolicies.org.uk/survey/1/select-issues

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