Cameron Blows Gideon in Bubble blowing demonstration on Faltering Growth

This just in, Gideon Fluffer resigns , Cameron steps in to Blow Gideon assisting in stiffening his resolve and IDS who has been told to hold his breath for the entire campaign was last seen floating over the English Channel looking fit to explode. Russel Brand opines to Ed Milliband “I like my poilitics well ´Úng mate´´ ´´ What makes today’s negative interest rate environment so worrying is this; to the extent that demand is growing at all in the world economy, it seems again to be almost entirely dependent on rising levels of debt. The financial crisis was meant to have exploded the credit bubble once and for all, but there’s very little sign of it. Rising public indebtedness has taken over where households and companies left off. And in terms of wider credit expansion, emerging markets have simply replaced Western ones. The wake-up call of the financial crisis has gone largely unheeded. ´´ Jeremy Warner The Telegraph

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