Russel Brand Will be voting Labour And recommends that others do the same. Pragmatic or Naive or Both?

Wasn’t expecting that. The revolution will not be televised but it will be Pragmatic.

´´”A certain maxim of Logic which I have called Pragmatism has recommended itself to me for diverse reasons and on sundry considerations. Having taken it as my guide for most of my thought, I find that as the years of my knowledge of it lengthen, my sense of the importance of it presses upon me more and more.”
Peirce, Charles Sanders. Pragmatism and Pragmaticism. 1903.

 Democracy 2011

 Democracy 2011

Pontificate, Certificate, Defecate.
Agitate, Aggregate,, Obviscate.
Repudiate, Obviate,Opiate,
Satiate Fascist Hate


Pontious Pilate, Judas Kiss
Politics of envy, Divide and Rule
3 legged Milking Stool
Mushroom Clouded vision
Dark Room
No Hope
Fed Shite

Ponzi State, Economic Bubble
Death of Ethics, No Spiritual Revolution
Satanic Absolution, Hypocritical Contortion.
Legalised Extortion.

Keep in Unstable , Wear your skin like Sable
3 legged stools and uphill tables
Tables turned and loyalties spurned
Dark Room, No hope , Fed SHITE!


For me personally I would like to see all the party leaders questioned closey on thier understanding of the money creation process and what has been known in the Social Credit movement as the money power? I posted this on the red labour Facebook page earlier. Keep up the Good Work and Get the Blairites Out. Personally I believe The UK needs Proportional Representation and a coalition of the Left to beat Neo Liberalism. My reasoning is that Neo Liberalism is the Dogma of Banking and monetary power it is more difficult to hijack a flatter and more diverse polity and until the Polity becomes flatter and more devolved the Money Power is unlikely to be challenged. Anyway heres offering Solidarity from A Green Anarchist. I enjoy reading the red Labour posts and long may the Red Flag Fly mine as you know will also be half Black.


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