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Bookies Back Galloway and Galloway Calls it for Milliband. Are the Bookies the only Market we can trust?

This is a very good interview with George Galloway regarding his own prospects in Bradford, and also of An Ed Milliband New labour Government, ´´Kept Honest by, SNP, Green, Plaid, Respect. Galloway apparently calls Nicola Sturgeon Margaret Thatcher in a Kilt, ( I don’t see the analogy myself ) What Galloway says which I do understand as important is that Scottish MP’s returned to Westminster  should not be transformed into Second class votes, They are as Valid as all other returned MPs and Each of their votes count equally in voting down a Queens Speech or For it .


I hope Galloway retains his seat although would love to see him give Boris Johnson a Portillo moment in the London Mayoral elections, It would be sad to lose his searing criticism in Westminster and he seems confident along with the bookies that that will not happen.



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