From 79 to 2015 watching the Election in Swedish Exile ( self imposed)

I will be keenly awaiting this first clue as to how today is turning out, 11 pm Swedish Time 10 pm ish UK time. For the 1987, 92, and 97 Election My Ex Nicola Evans and our Great Friend Jeremy Cross​ sat up through the night hoping for Labour Victory. In 97 we were of course Jubilant although, reservations about Tony Blair turned out to be correct. In 87 and 92 we were all rooting for Alf Dobbs the Labour Candidate for Battersea who we had all voted for By 97 I was living in the East End in Tower Hamlets as was Nicola and Jeremy was living in waterloo next to The festival Hall. It was from Our house in Tower Hamlets  that Jeremy and I went to The Royal Festival Hall and then on to an All Night Pub at Smithfield for a Pint of Guinness and Breakfast to celebrate the End of the Thatcher era ( or so we thought). This time around fed up with Labour I have thrown my lot of hopes in with supporting the Greens who I hope do well and that a Left coalition can oust the Blairitee core of Labour and get back to some honest Socialist Democracy.
 I owe my most precious possession , my education, to State funded and Grant aided Primary, secondary and further education. Student loans and Tuition fees are to me indefensible and such a massive bar to equality of opportunity. I was at school doing O Levels with very able friends who were not allowed to pursue A Levels let alone Further Education because their Families needed them to go and earn cash to make whatever contribution to the family budget. To my mind all of those people were a missed investment opportunity for society and such missed opportunities are no doubt multiplied many times over in the oppressive system in place now. I will miss the Company of Nicola and Jeremy tonight when I stay up to see in the result. I remember fondly first those student days and later when we were all doing the London career thing when we were fellow political travellers cast afloat in the troubled seas of Thatcherism.

In 1979 I remember well my Friend Professor Adam Tickell telling me what a huge disaster it was with the election of Margaret Thatcher( He was of course right), I moved to West Germany in summer 1980 aged 16 and when I returned just after my 18th Birthday  in October 1982 I found a very changed UK. I moved to Sweden in 2010 because I felt my young family would have a better more balanced life and upbringing here, I think I was right in that decision.I hope that things turn around in the UK and get back towards a Social democratic path Fascism isn’t for the British People and thats where Cameron has been driving the charrabang.


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