´´Dasein´´ What is Aspiration, is it a creature of the Neo Liberal ´´Centre and Centre Right´´?

Aspirational Voting

Much comment is abounding regarding labours ´´Spadocratic´´deliberations on what went wrong in appealing to voters in the 2015 general election.
As with the concept of the Center and Left and Right as concepts of the Coordinates of Political Economy. The Neo Liberal narrative has concentrated itself on defining the Aspirations of Voters and how they express their aspirations in who they vote for.
We are all different and how we act as consumers , Family members, community members and citizens all draw on different sets of priorities often we make choices in achieving a workable work life balance. Some fail miserably , consider Elon Musks recent dressing down of a colleague who he felt had got his priorities wrong attending the birth of a child over the attendance of a product launch. On which side of that question do you find yourself ?
Musicians often talk of being in the pocket or feeling the groove others talk of channeling a vibe this can happen when one sits alone and communes with oneself and ones instrument . It also happens collectively in a band and also with the Audience, the power of Live music can be to channel a feeling that coalesces and passes between Audience and Musicians and the whole becomes something that all become a part of. This aspect of musical communication has al the dimensions of ´Dasein´

Here we rehearse a Tune

Here the tune delivers in the context of a Community celebration.

Remember the many contexts in which we find ourselves at differing moments and times of the day. Achieving Daesin should not see needs left unmet by wants.


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