Solar Powered Drinking Water; Pure Fresh Drinking Water from any Source, even polluted! anywhere in the world! Emission Free!!!

Please take a moment to consider our fully serviced solar powered Drinking Water.We offer a metered supply invoiced on line quarterly there are no capital costs to the customer up front for the Water production unit,there is a Quaterly on line invoicing system and the price is cheaper both environmentally and in monetary cost terms as well,

// Our water dispensers dispense pure chilled drinking water that is purified by the sun on site.

  •   WaterStillar © We take any water source (sea water, brackish , brown water) & with our Multi effect evaporation/condensation process deliver pure Drinking water
  • WaterStillar © Without the downsides associated with bottled water production and       distribution or Reverse Osmosis filtering systems.
  •    WaterStillar ©100% Solar Powered Drinking water.100%  emission free and 0% chemicals
  •     WaterStillar © no up front Capital cost, we are a utility supply company. Cheaper than contract serviced bottled water supply and Greener than filtered.
  •    WaterStillar © 100% fully serviced and maintained no hassle service
We have 80 WaterStillar © Works systems awaiting dispatch from our Copenhagen and Mexico City  Warehouses for immediate dispatch to our commercial partners, that will produce 60,000 liters of fresh clean solar powered water a day. If you know of anyone who would like to know more or would like to  join our Sustainable solar powered drinking water revolution either commercially or from the NGO sector  Please e mail me and I will make sure they receive a phone call and the information they need.
Yours Sustain-ably
Roger G Lewis

Director Global Sales and Marketing.

AquaDania a/s

Agern Allé 3     

DK-2970 Hørsholm

Land Line 0431 455416 ( Sweden 0046 )Home.

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