Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof – Dr. Craig Wright Blog #Satoshi Who gives a Fuck. Who´s the Daddy?

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof – Dr. Craig Wright Blog: Yesterday, Andreas Antonopoulos posted a fantastic piece on Reddit. Andreas said something critically important and it bears repeating: “I think the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto does not matter”. He’s absolutely right. It doesn’t – and shouldn’t ­– matter to the Bitcoin community. I cannot deny that my interest in bringing the origins of Bitcoin into the light is ultimately and undeniably a selfish one – the only person to whom this should matter is me.…

~ Are Bitcoins a Ponzi Scheme?~
I believe that Bitcoins are a Ponzi Scheme. Here below, in excerpts from a essay written in Nov, 2013, investor Gary North explains why. If you or someone you know are considering cryptocurrencies as investments I hope you will read this. If you have already invested, and get out now, you will be in a better position than many.
Those selling Bitcoins or encouraging others to buy will be angered by the ideas North presents in this essay. That’s …

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis I Made these interactive Quizzes based upon the Positive Money Quiz By David Faraday https://www.quiz-maker.com/QYMG3AR and the money creation Survey of MP´s https://www.quiz-maker.com/Q4FBT85

In fact, the choice of Žižek as our theoretical foundation may be understood as a concession to the undecidability of money as an inherent feature of the phenomenon itself. Paraphrasing Lacan’s infamous slogan that ‘The woman does not exist’, our analytical approach to Bitcoin is underpinned by the following assumption: ‘Money does not exist’.This obviously does not mean that there is no actual money in the world but rather that money has no transhistorical essence, which would lend it to a general theoretical definition.Such approach to the study of money also puts us in line with Dodd’s recent invitation to ‘[embrace] all of the various empirical forms of money without lapsing into an arbitrary nominalism’

Bitcoin is in a huge Bubble, that should not be confused with Ponzi Schemes they are quite different things.

The essay quoted is quite old Ethereum had not come on the scene by then also the Rash Of Initial Coin Offerings is the sign of a Greater Fool Bandwagon. The Real Estate Bubblöes all over the world and other asset bubbles are no different.

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September 27, 2017

Threshold (Signature) of Greatness – Dr. Craig Wright – Hong Kong 2017


nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright speaks about how Threshold Signatures and advanced technology can power Bitcoin’s greater future. He discusses some of nChain’s research and innovation work to support growth of the bitcoin network for everyone’s benefit, and dares the bitcoin community to dream of a greater future for bitcoin.
This speech was given at Bitkan’s “Shape the Future” Blockchain Global Summit – Tech Session in Hong Kong (September 21, 2017).


Bitcoin: inside the £8bn swindle

Is this man the multimillionaire genius behind bitcoin: the digital currency now worth over £8bn and threatening to do for banks what Uber did to cab offices? Or does he just really want people to believe he is?

May 2, 2017

Jon Matonis Joins Blockchain Pioneer nChain as Vice President of Corporate Strategy


London, United Kingdom May 2, 2017 – Blockchain pioneer nChain announces the appointment of Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis as its new Vice President of Corporate Strategy.  In this position, Matonis will support nChain’s business growth by developing commercial relationships, and evaluating opportunities for strategic investments and acquisitions.
Jon Matonis is widely recognised as a leading Bitcoin researcher and is a non-executive board director for several notable companies in the space. Since 2012, his technology and security writings have appeared in publications such as ForbesCoinDeskBitcoin MagazineAmerican Banker, and PaymentsSource.
Jon is also a founding director for the Bitcoin Foundation which served as the industry’s first nonprofit trade association originally chartered to provide financial compensation for voluntary protocol code developers and to promote the vision of Bitcoin worldwide. His career has also included senior roles with Sumitomo Bank, VISA International, VeriSign, and Hushmail.
Additionally, Matonis created the first and leading general price index for Bitcoin known as the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), hosted the largest ever Bitcoin/blockchain conference to date in Amsterdam during 2014, and enlisted seven regional chapter offices to the Bitcoin Foundation from countries such as France, Germany, and Bangladesh.
Arthur Davis, Director of nChain Holdings Limited, comments:

N CHains New Hire.

Back to GQ article.

The other people in the room were economist and Bitcoin Foundation founding director Jon Matonis, who was the expert witness for the PR agency brokering the interview, and its two representatives, who were attempting not to look too panicked.

We were barely eight minutes in when Wright took issue with Dr Courtois’ suggestion that his evidence was not conclusive.
“You’ve got this one thing,” said Wright. “If you don’t like it, then f*** off.”

There was an audible groan from the PR side of the room.
Who Satoshi is is a mute point purely academic, what is clear that Craig Wright identifies that Bitcoin is not being exploited to its full potential summed up in this Quote in a previous Blog here.

Dr Craig Smith Says in the infamous video here, That…

 “Fourth and fourth like languages actually do loop and have dual stack architecture. ”Everything we are talking about in derived form contracts can actually be done in the Bitcoin protocol´´. @5’24 ´´


Ethereum has this functionality set out in its DNA as it were and made explicitly in its published White and yellow papers.

What is Ethereum Metropolis? The 4 Stages of Ethereum.

This, not the first time Ethereum has upgraded of course and it won’t be the last time. Ethereum was not designed to be just a mode of currency. It was designed to be a platform for decentralized applications. However, before it can do so, it needs to go through various stages of growth. With each stage, Ethereum “levels up” by incorporating more and more properties making its system more robust and seamless.
The complete launch process of Ethereum was divided into 4 stages. This was done to make sure that various phases got their own developmental time and that every stage was developed as efficiently and optimally as possible.
The 4 stages are as follows:
  • Frontier: This was what everyone got when Ethereum was first launched.
  • Homestead: The stage that we are on as of writing.
  • Metropolis: The upcoming phase.
  • Serenity: The final stage.

The Internet is under attack, rather Freedom on the internet is under attack. The Bitcoin, BlockChain, Distributed web, the democratisation of Information and its trustless confirmation challenge centralised Power Hierarchies. Bitcoin hubris will destroy Bitcoin without any help from the establishment, the establishment has clearly decided it is too risky to rely on collective herd instinct to discredit Bitcoin and crypto / Blockchain and are hastening its demise.

The distributed Web built on Blockchain is hopefully sufficiently out in the wild now to make its adoption inevitable all be it obstructed by Bad actors of the state and collective hubris and stupidity of the current Fad/BandWagon/Bubble.

Bitcoin and Ether are bubbles though and not Ponzi schemes.

Heres Amanda of The Daily De Crypt, For some in-depth analysis of the History of the Crypto Space you can do much worse than spend some time listening to Amanda.



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