Who ate all the pieties.or ´Now is not a time for soundbites´


Who ate all the pieties or ´Now is not a time for soundbites´.

”Say I get up on Nightline, I´m given whatever it is , 2 Minutes and I say Gaddafi is a terrorist Khomeini is a murderer. Whatever it is etc.etc. The Russians , you know invaded Afghanistan all this sort of stuff, everyone just nods, you simply don’t need any evidence. But suppose you say something thats not just re-gurgitating ”conventional pieties”, say you say something the least bit unexpected or controversial . Suppose you say ………….

( insert Green Party Policies on Basic Income , reform of debt based money or not renewing Trident here )”
(Equally insert Jeremy Corbyn´s hetrodox politics to Blu Labour and Neo liberal austerity )

Quote from Noam Chomsky starts at 1min 48 s
or click link Re-gurgitating conventional pieties

piety ˈpʌɪəti/ noun, a belief which is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence. plural noun: pieties “the accepted pieties of our time” synonyms: dutifulness, obedience, deference, duty, respect, respectfulness, compliance, acquiescence, tractability, tractableness; submissiveness, submission, subservience “the strict code of filial piety”

This sense of piety is the sense in which  Noam Chomsky uses the term in the clip from  the movie Manufacturing  Consent  to show the boundaries and limits to debate imposed in the media through a demand for concision .

The second sense of Piety also applys to the ´´Now is not a time for Soundbites , spin doctored crocodile tears, never better demonstrated than by One Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.



 ”It’s not a day for soundbites really erm we can leave those at home , I feel the hand of history upon our shoulder.in respect of this, I really do.”

So this is the second sense the Who ate all the pieties sense. piety ˈpʌɪəti/Submit noun the quality of being religious or reverent. “acts of piety and charity” synonyms: devoutness, devotion, piousness, religiousness, religion, holiness, godliness, sanctity, sanctitude, saintliness, devotion to God, veneration, reverence, faith, religious duty, spirituality, sacredness, religious zeal, fervour, pietism, religiosity “the piety of a saint”

David Malone a Candidate for the green Party leadership speaking yesterday at the leeds hustings said this. Sumarised by Shahrar Ali deputy leadership candidate as a theme ´Question Others’ political assumptions´


Better starting assumptions well worked out and cogently argued

”As Leader I think you need to be able to listen too listen to the party at large but you also need to be able to go on Question Time or Newsnight and  stand  toe to toe with them and disagree with their starting assumptions . If you accept their assumption, if you allow them to dictate the terms of the debate you will lose………..We have to say the place where you started from is wrong !”

David Malone Leeds Hustings 16/7/2016



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