Green Diversity .For RON and The Green Pistols R.G.Lewis 2016

When yellow is mixed with green
When courage is exchanged for fear
When Spin turns the air Blue
Beg to Disagree Green is Here
A challenged Assumption here
Rainbow Party speaks
In Many Accents Shades of
A heart Beats inside
We are all red Blooded
Piss is Yellow and
Green Spin, Turns the Air Blue.
Emphasise , Empathise
Accent your rainbow shades
A challenged Assumption
Starts at Green. Go!
A point made in Shades of Green
Emphasis on Metamorphosis
We beg to differ in shades of Pink, Brown, Black, Yellow and Red. Stop!
We trust our identity in
Diversity, Solidarity shared
Accent on Green
Emphasis on Green
Empathy with the ecology
When Spin turns to Blue.
Beg To Disagree
A Challenged Assumption Here
A heart Beats Inside
Emphasise Empathise, Green.
For RON and The Green Pistols

R.G.Lewis 2016

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