Classic Vintage Electric Guitar Duo For Sale (The Fifty Year Guitar War)

Classic Vintage Electric Guitar Duo For Sale (The Fifty Year Guitar War) 

World Wide Web Worlds First!
Try the tone before you bid!

The Fifty Year Guitar War is the stuff of legends . Are you a Strat Man or a Les Paul Guy. Millions of words have been written on this topic and I am going to add but a few.

I collected vintage guitars for almost a decade my collecting led me to playing much more seriously and from there to building and modding guitars and modelling guitar tone with Digital Signal Porocessing. My journey has developed to the extent that I am now almost exclusively interested in Fingerstyle folk and Jazz and chord melody playing on purely Acoustic Intruments particularly the Guitar I built myself at the Sanden Guitar Building classes.

As i no longer play much electric guitar and given that my Elelctric obsession for all things tone lead me to develop my own Electric Guitar models I can offer the unique opportunity to sample before you buy and also a chance to settle for yourself that Great question.

Is it Strat Tone or Les Paul Tone that is the sound of Rock N Roll for you?

I developed a series of impulse responses for convolution plugins a few years back and released an album on Band Camp of my Collection at that time, Two of those Guitars I have just listed on E Bay.
So you can now try the tone before you buy in this exclusive World Wide Web Worlds First!

Here they are.


Click to Store And Here are the Tones for the full vintage quality collection album. If you follow the instructions here you can download a free plugin to host the .WAV files.

Now you can  plug in your  Lester or a Strat via the convolution plugin you have or the one provided on the web page and then you can get an idea what monsters of tone these two fantastic Guitars are.
For best results a type of pick up single coil or Humbucker should be used with the corresponding guitar type, they work with any in put but the closer the Analogue signal in the less work the Convolution engine has to do and thus the better the overall result.

Always keen to add some value and do a bit of cross selling and web Optiimisation the winning bidder of each guitar will be sent a PhilosoTees™ I think Therefore I jam T-Shirt and I will throw in a free download of the vintage Quality collection of impulse Responses. To try the guitars I will leave it for folk to download as per instructions and pay the very small individual Track (Impulse Download cost.

Click to Go To PhilosoTees™

This is the Application I had in mind for the Impulse responses when I was developing them, there is more on ToneFreqhz elsewhere on this blog.

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