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// The Cutting is from my press cutting book, I am one of the fortunate ones. I recieved a grant aided education in Comprehensive, and for A levels at the Colchester Institute where I went back to take my A Levels after leaving home and having dropped out of sixth form. Incidentally one of my A Level Law Lecturers was Mike O´Brien a Junior Home office minister in the naughties New Labour Government, but at that time 1982, was a Law Lecturer at The Colchester Institute. But thats another story.

I went to South Bank poly and studied one of the most Conservative subjects you can, Estate Management majoring in Valuation. I am a trained Neo Liberal Capitalist but heres the thing I am a life Long Socialist. I know that my opportunities in Life and my most prized possesion , My education, are owed to the sweat blood and tears of my Grand Parents generation in the fisrt half of the 20th Century and largely down to the Labour Goivernment of 1946 that bequeathed to us the NHS, National Insurance and the Education act.
I made good use of my education in one of the most conservative of professions qualifying as a chartered surveyor , becoming a sucessful property consultant and Estate Agent and also a Property developer. I am grateful  for the luck I had but mostly acknowledge and am thankful for the opportunities that the state education system allowed me to pursue. I see those opportunities are diminishing where they still exist today ,for people of similar backgrounds and education opportunities as the younger me. My ex wife was the same she became a successful commercial lawyer. We both always voted labour, heres a blog about the Elelctions we sat through the night to ultimate dissappointment through out the Thatcher years.
When I see Tom watson insulting comrades who still fight to maintain opportunities to benefit people like me who go on to uncomplainingly  pay their taxes when they meet with success. We should  always remember that all success is achieved stood on the shoulders of Giants, most of who went and still go un-rewarded. Those selfless and un acknowledged heroes and heroines that  still did and still do what they do so that others will not have to and did not  have to. Well when I hear Watson and others critisise those who I thank and always remember made a sacrifice for me and others.We have a commitment always to pay back and not kick away the ladder.  I get Angry and not a little confused

By 2015 I had had enough of New/Blu Labour, from 2008 after which I lost much of my personal wealth , read the very first Blog on this site for the story of all of that. I twigged that Labour Blu or new or Austeruity light with its promised end to boom and bust and all that was not Labour anymore, it was new or Blu or something else but it certainly was missing the Labour and the all important Socialism bit.  I supported the Greens, I still do but I am a Labour Party Socialist and see that the truth about the Election in 2015 is not all about the bloody voters of Nuneaton. Watch this video for an explaination about how its a bit more complicated than that and why The Greens and UKIP are right about the illusion of choice represented by the Two Horse race of First Past the post. Democracy is not working.

Now pay attention heres the Boundary commision stuff and the reason why Labour needs to get together with Left and democratic parties(including UKIP, Plaid and the SNP) to get the Oligarchic Tories out of the picture.

 In 2015 I made this comment to Owen Jones of the Guardian.

Owen, I had an on off discussion over the course of the last General Election with the Red Labour page on Face Book. I decided to vote green as the Greens were basically offering a form of socialism I related to and Labour were not. In the current leadership debate we see that Labour has gone back to the right and that is very difficult given that the Neo Liberal domination of the debate has really re cast what Centre is more along US lines where there is really just different shades of Elitist Right where of course something can be approximated as a Centre of the homogenous technocratic whole. You Made a Post suggesting that Labour needs to learn a new language ´´Spanish´´and of course Podemos. Witness also Syrzia in Greece and Tsparis’s letter published today warning of the Neo Liberal Technocracy destroying any idea of sovereign democracy. The EU debate will be interesting In or out, the arguments for staying in seem to me to be wholly technocratic and corporate in nature and of Course Stirling remaining independent which is a Corporate benefit outwith the Corporate benefits of the Euro. For me the Greens Monetary reform policies were the main reason I decided to support them after a life time as a Labour Supporter. Capitalism in the neo liberal form is very extreme, I am a Socialist informed by Anarchist ideals of decentralised stake-holding communities in line with Krotopkins ideas of Mutual Aid the soul of the common good of society. The Neo Liberal idea of mutuality and common good is to deny they have any purpose other than to act as an anchor dragging back the power of Capital A Labour Party is a contradiction in terms where it serves first and foremost the Interests of Capital which are at odds with those of Atomised Labour. Notwithstanding difficulties with Democracy itself is there any Democracy without balanced representation? the question of Money and Markets as a central consideration of policy makes the tool the master, you will be aware of Nick Hanauers Ted Talk in which he says Neo Liberalism has the Market and wealth creation process backwards and has done for over 30 years. Positive Money and Economists like Steve Keen have shown the contradictions in the Neo Liberal narrative as have plenty of others. The base of the problem is and always has been the Money Creation monopoly ceded to Private banking interests on and off since the 1700’s to tackle this question we need to refer to Marx, David Harvey is an excellent starting point that wishes to understand Financialised Capitalism and how power concentrates into the hands of Bankers inevitably. What I would like to see you doing Owen is bringing the Money creation process into the understanding of those who’s interests it works against with a Mutualised money creation process a lot of inequality through self serving private interests will be stopped and real questions of the priorities of society as a whole will be more clearly described and delineated. Have a look at Positive money and Give Ben Dyson its founder a telephone call, I sincerely believe that this is where the Interests of Labour and their families will be answered best and an issue around which a new Standard for ordinary folk to rally will be found. Both Dianne Abbot and Michael Meacher attended the first debate on the issue of Money creation in the House of Commons Late last year, there is a caucus of Socialist Labour MP’s who really ought to think of starting something new or defecting to the Greens and forcing By Elections.

 Sunday, 1 March 2015 On The May 2015 UK ELection. 

On the the May 2015 Election, Bear in mind that if you wish to see some policy from Central Government or indeed Local Government that answers the needs and wants of the regular citizen i.i me and you! Politicians have to be made accountable. By Voting for Mainstream Parties one effectively resigns one self to the model described in the Quotes below ( quotes from Roy Madron​, Super Competent Democracies). ‘Democracy is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions in which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a competitive struggle for the people’s vote’.” Joseph Schumpeter, Quoted from Roy Madron , Super Competent Democracies who in turn Cites. “Participation, and Democratic Theory” by Carole Pateman. Dr. Pateman says that, Schumpeter and his followers: … set the current Anglo-American political system as our democratic ideal (with) a ‘democratic theory’ that in many respects bears a strange resemblance to the anti-democratic arguments of the last (i.e. 19th) century. No longer is democratic theory centered on the participation of ‘the people’; in the contemporary theory of democracy it is the participation of the minority elite that is crucial and the non-participation of the apathetic, ordinary man lacking in the feelings of political efficacy, that is regarded as the main bulwark against instability.´´ I highly recommend that anyone that wishes to work out the game that New Labour now plays and why , should try to get hold of a Copy of Roys book, any progressive publishers out there should get in touch with Roy and do a UK edition if he is amenable. And this,

Monday, 13 April 2015 Paying for promises, 

The trump card of seniorage. One of the hugely overlooked parts of Green Economic policy is the restoration of money creation to the Exchequers account this is a huge saving on the present privatised system which is one that has happened by default or stealth depending on your viewpoint. Check out policy EC661 The Green Party believes that, as the means of exchanging goods and services, the stock of money is a vital common resource which should be managed in the public interest. Yet only 3% of our money supply currently exists in the form of notes and coins issued by the Government or the Bank of England. 97% of the money circulating in the economy takes the form of credit that is created electronically by private banks through the accounting processes they follow when they make loans. for an idea of the full extent of tax payer value of such a policy see. From 2002 to 2009, banks increased the amount of money in the UK by £1 trillion through lending (with every new loan creating new money). Because this money was created by banks, it’s the banks that get the benefit from it (in this case, the interest received on £1 trillion of additional loans). If the government had created this money instead of the banks, taxpayers would have been able to pay up to £1 trillion less taxes: approximately £33,000 for every person who pays income tax over just 7 years.[1]

 Go to the April 2015 tabs in the menu for various mumblings I issued during the General election. As with all of us on politics I could go on But this is my experience, I am a Socialist, I am an Ex PAt, I am not a Tax exile, I know a lot about Capitalism, I oppose Capitalism because I am a Socialist, and more than that I abhor Neo Liberal Ideology. Read Roy Madron for why neo liberalism is our common enemy if we are democrats, One Nation Tories or Labour men and women , read David Malone’s Golem XIV blog for the real story on neo liberal economics and its Voodoo ideology. Social Democracy is good Democratic Socialism is better (YMMV). Blair and Blairites are Neo Liberal, they are the Labour Party entryists. So lower the Ladder comrades opportunity for all not just the 5%.

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