On The Good Ship Brexit, ( A Song, After the Sex Pistols, Jiggin and Ukippin no time for the EU.)

Upon the Good Ship BREXIT.
Twas on the good ship Leavus
My God you should have seen us
The Figurehead was a porcine head
Suckling the PM´s Penis.
The Captain he was Farage
He was a Proto Kipper
He wasn´t fit for EU stich
between Starsbourg and Bruxellis
Jiggin and Ukippin
Jigginand Ukippin
Jiggin and Ukipin
No time for the EU
Heave to the ship remain
Crewed by establishment inane
The figurehead Elysiums Head
and the mast the EU gravyTrain
The Captains of this Mary-Rose,
Oligarchical in repose
Headed an eclectic crew who he knew
The Establishment would brown nose.
Spinnin for a winnin
spinnin for a winnin
spinnin for a winnin
Brown Nosing the EU.
Upon Stately Ship Vote Leave
A controlled crew at first to decieve
Twin Figureheads a painted Bus &
a cheque for the NHS , you see.
Two captains had this vessel
both demured to blond tressels
He had the populist touch and touch he must
with seductive rhetorical mendacity.
Hoping for a near thing
hoping for a near thing
hoping for a near thing
always meant to lose .
The 1st Captain name of Farage
City schooled in Arbitrage
an Old school type, Pissed up at night
but other wise a bigot.
The second Captain Rose
Schooled in sensible knickers and Clothes
Of Bourgoise type, Oligarchical awlwight
neo liberal, safe and Soros chose.
Gisella Gibbon and Gove
Drive the Coach and four no more
guided byEnlightenment , but
Arguments of straw and entitlement.
Manipulate the plebs
manipulate the plebs
manipulate the plebs
It makes no fuckin difference.

Author: rogerglewis

https://about.me/rogerlewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.