The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for ” Many Not The Few” adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016, Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow* #GrubStreetJournal


The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for ” Many Not The Few”. Adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016,  Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow*

Our Democratic process is a peaceful and old one and I wish peace and happiness to all and advocate political and peaceful means for resolving all issues.
Michael Moore made a Speech before the US Election last year explaining why people would vote for Donald Trump. He could have made the same speech about Bernie Sanders but the Democrat Establishment wanted Hilary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has striking similarities to Theresa May, with a Long Track Record which is a Cupboard out of Which Skeletons continue to fall.
I did a Blog about that Speech, this Video is an adaptation of Michael Moores Words for the Story of Mr Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy the people’s Candidate for the Many and not the Few.

The Elites of the British Establishment have not managed to Keep Jeremy Corbyn away from our Ballot papers. You Know What to do.
For the Suits, I do not own the rights for Michale Moores footage, This is not for profit and for public information and Education.
Mr Corbyn’s First Question Time.


Mr Moores Talk.

Published on 24 Oct 2016
Michael Moore explains to us why TRUMP will win. He gets it. This is capitulation. Trump will win BIG LEAGUE! REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER !!
All of you globalists, Wall Street criminals, CTR and Hillary shills stop spamming my video with those allegations that Moore is anti-trump. He’s clearly not. I will ban you if you harass anyone commenting in here. Please make sure to share on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!.
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Jeremy Corbyn an Audience with Mr Trumps Voters.
Warning: I have remained faithful to Mr Moores Rhetoric in the Original Video, Including his Metaphor of a Human Hand Grenade, applied to the Pencil/Pen used to mark a cross on the Ballot paper.
I am aware of the sensitivities of the Recent Suicide bomber attack in Manchester Arena, And wish to say that my Sympathies and Prayers are with the Victims and their families and all those affected by That Callous wicked crime and the other Jihadi violence and political violence both in the Uk and Abroad both State , Unlawful-state sponsored and Un-Lawful.

”Yeah though I walk in the Chaddow of Doom , I will fear no evil”

Michael Moore’s film ´TrumpLand´ is, as all his films are, thought-provoking. It is a film made in the style of ”an audience with’, where he performs a show variously comprising Stand Up, polemic and book readings. An engaging speaker and expert raconteur Moore is a consummate communicator aware of the buttons to press in his audience after probing them, teasing them and flattering them in turn.
Moore lays out his stall, fencing off the Hispanic Part of the Audience in the theatre’s Circle seats and Placing a Moslem section of the audience under drone surveillance. Both precautions he says to help the Trump supporters in his audience to relax. Pretty edgy comedic stuff in these politically correct days and Brave given the theatre is in a Small town that votes 90% in favour of the GOP and where Trump is also popular, one presumes.
Moore asks his audience permission to read something he had just written in the official Hotel recommended to acts appearing at the hosting theatre, he sits at a desk with his ring bound folder. A scholarly setting redolent of fireside chats beloved of broadcaster continuity over festive holidays. Suitably posed Moore reads his freshly penned polemic and it is this polemic which appears on the Internet. Top trending on Reddit and hurriedly ripped and pasted around the web the source of course missing. Rumours abound that it is not even Moore speaking these words. The words he speaks are powerful and cut through to the essence of the deep anger sadness and confusion of the American people. This righteous anger Moore concludes will lead to ´´The biggest Fu ever delivered´´. A Trump victory in the presidential race of 2016.

Moore’s polemic is an extraordinarily powerful summation of the failure of the Establishment of the four Estates and nails the injustice and the inequality which the United States has come to be associated within ´Awake ´circles, both in the US and abroad.
If Moores polemic ended where it did then Diogenes could happily have hung up his Lamp for indeed Mr Moore would have rediscovered the honest everyman within. Sadly Diogenes will continue to rub his belly, as surely as Mr Moore will cling to his masturbatory fantasies of Hilary Clinton His,” hot as hell shit-kicking feminist babe´´ Moore again reaches his audience in the great Hollywood tear-jerking tradition. Hilary badly served and abused by the American people because our fellow Americans are dying 1 million in the 20 years since Hilary championed Medicaid universal health care. Moore’s rhetoric here is very powerful it does though slip into sophistry neglecting to connect the dots that Clinton´s husband brought NAFTA, the very agreement that has Killed many Mexicans rendering traditional scale farming obsolete and impossible in that country.
What struck me about the Universal health care arguments Mr Moore made, all of which I agree with and for which Mrs Clinton should rightly be given credit for wasn’t that finding something nice to say about Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump was so hard to do but that somehow in the course of his powerful oratory he managed to pin the blame for the United States problems on the ordinary people of America, on his Audience some of who he had in Tears of Sadness. I was also struck by the complete lack of empathy for the victims of US wars, the geopolitical aspects of which are completely lost on the vast majority of US voters because people like Moore choose only to serve up the Narratives that impact only with and speak only to an insular American mindset that assumes everyone is either already American Like or wishes to be American Like. The Iraq war has killed 1 million Iraqis the Syrian Civil War has displaced over 6m Syrians, US foreign policy has wrought havoc in the Middle East, North Africa and in Turn Europe. It should not surprise anyone that a Political and Oligarchical Class that can not see the importance of and value of universal Health care should be so clueless on Foreign Policy and Geo-Politics. Or perhaps they are not clueless and are more damnably, Wholly indifferent.
Mr’s Clinton one audience member ventures are ´Super Smart´I agree with That. Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton are super Smart and the reason Mrs Clinton deserves to and perhaps even will inspire the Greatest FU in History is that someone as Super Smart as she is must be Indifferent to the suffering of all those people who are not ´Our Fellow Americans´´. When Mr Moore realises that Fellow Human beings are how Americans should see themselves and the other peoples of the world and where politicians who wish to serve the American people must also realise that those American People are Human Beings too, His sincerity can perhaps be trusted a little more.
I would urge everyone who can to watch Mr Moore’s Film and also watch his others too they are thoughtful and important social documentaries which are also entertaining. Mr Moore is though an entertainer and showman, no less than Mr Trump and as we all know, unlike The Super Smart Mrs Clinton. In TrumpLand Mr Moore does give both sides of the Trump Story he does not do that at all with Mrs Clinton. In giving Both Sides of the Trump Story he may have miscalculated that Rust Belt Polemic just resonates so powerfully. Moores attempt to pull back from the Wisdom of a Huge FU is predicated on the idea that the British people regret their Brexit Vote. Mr Moore should, as much as anyone knows that you can not rely on ‘Facts’ gleaned from the mainstream media.



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