Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair?

Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair?

The World Economy is in trouble, it is based upon an exponential growth in Debt. The EU is unable to cope with this reality, The UK is unable to cope with this reality, The USA , Japan, Russia, China etc and so forth. In or out the UK face the same problems that everyone else does. The EURO is not serving the EU well and will continue to strangle the so Called PIIGS, The periphery of Europe is suffocating when the oxygen of net interest flows to the centre, Largely to Germany, this can not be sustained indefinitely, indeed the system is kept on life support by QE.

The Tories are of course doing more QE for Stirling, this would be happening Brexit vote or no Brexit vote.

The BRICS are trying to get an alternative international trade settlements system in place, Debt based banking works with double entry book keeping, Central banks effectively keep the centralised accounts.The BRICS effectively want new auditors and new auditing rules.

What the amusing piece linked to fails to state is that Remainers also have no answers as NO ANSWERS ARE ENTERTAINED by the debt based highly centralised , highly monopolised means of money creation.

Take this quiz to begin to comprehend what is only the beginning of the point I am making. .

´´The Titanic is going down. Remainers are re arranging deck chairs whilst the Leavers are in denial of the inadequate provision of life boats.´´

So in short THE TITANIC is sinking. Political Economy needs root and branch reform both in the EU and In The UK within the Washington Consensus and across the whole world, Globalism has failed! Do we see the EU changing its position no!
Will trump break the Mould? Theresa May , Hammond Will they? The Jury is out.

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