Moslem Brotherhood, Sweden, Olaf Palme and the sins of the Father.

This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other reports from both the United States and the United Kingdom which discuss the Moslem Brotherhood.
One way of looking at the Moslem Brotherhood is as a Political Think Tank not dissimilar to other Globalist Think Tanks whose aims are to promote Globalism and neo-liberal economic goals.
Although called the Moslem Brotherhood and broadly positioned as Islamic it is more precisely Islamist in a political sense and not a religious sense. Islamism as a political and Globalist phenomenon is not dissimilar to Zionism.
Zionism is a Political movement and not Religous one when one considers it in a wider political context.
Neo-Liberal Globalism works through Think Tanks and pressure groups and is woven into the Fabric of the Washington Aligned Global Establishment there are other ideologically based secular groups which identify with a secular and homogenised end goal, such as Common Purpose or at a higher level of the hierarchy Rhodes Scholarships or the Erasmus exchange programmes.
The current move against Globalism to De Globalisation represented by the election of President Donald Trump and the Brexit vote and so-called Populist movements is a kick back against the dilution of culture.

@9.03  above some Sam Williamson Moslem Brotherhood, Globalist Context.

@4.57 some Globalist Rules Based international Liberal order . Brexit is an inside Job.

I wrote this poem this morning thinking of Sweden and all things Swedish and how increased Federalisation and also a common defence policy in the EU was a flight away what I consider to be the Values of my adopted Swedish Family.…/the-ghost-o…

My Freind David Malone has also written about this area of concern in his Golem XIV Blog .
There has been an increased narrative in the liberal press in the Uk that Brexit voters were Racist or hankering after a fairytale mythological period of Empire which hid the shame of Mercantile imperialism for which current generations should still be doing penance for.
This term was coined to cover the sort of idea. Tätervolk German word meaning ‘Perpetrator people’ and applied by Orthodox Judaism to the alleged collective guilt of Germans as a race of people for the events of World War II – with particular emphasis on The Holocaust.
Political correctness is a problem here in Sweden, it is very noticeable to me as an immigrant here. Swedes have a lot to be proud of and their culture is one of them and their Language and manners.
President John F Kennedy famously sais. ´Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.´
I the case of EU Enlargement and federalisation I think Swedes should be asking a similar question
Ask not how the Swedes should be more European but how the EU should be more Swedish

The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a ‘parallel social structure’ in Sweden with the help of ‘political elites’ who foster a culture of silence, a damning government report has…

This is a real problem in this country. In order to repair, which is necessary for both sides ie the victims and the perpetrators, we know that taking full responsibility is absolutely necessary. Without acknowledging the Empire’s terrible deeds, apologising and then making a real effort to “pay back”, nobody can move truly on.
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Kat Boettge
Kat Boettge Chris are you referring to my German heritage? I had been thinking of including a comment about here in the post. In Germany we have been very conscious about our past. We carry shame, guilt and a just sense of responsibility for reparations. If anything Germany, I believe is a very good example how a country needs to take full responsibility in order to heal which does take time.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones I was thinking about all human political constructs actually Kat Boettge. Feeling overly bad about the history of wherever you are born seems fruitless. Much better try (tough I know) learn how not to repeat past beastliness, and learn from past good stuff, of which there is quite a lot. If I was going to refer to Germanys past specifically I would have said so, I hope. But beating you up over invading Poland would be just as daft as beating myself up over Amritsar.

Kat Boettge
Kat Boettge I am not talking about beating ourselves up about our histories but to acknowledge, be honest, take responsibility and make reparations. This is my point and it is necessary in order to really move on. A lot of British deeds of exploration and cruelty still is effecting people, communities and politics. So i don’t think we can move on without addressing this.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones well it might mean I am not very nice but I can no take responsibility for what is past than you can. and how far do we go with this? at what point do we say that something was so long ago that it is simply impossible to have a meaning? I often think See More

Kat Boettge
Kat Boettge I am not saying that you personally should take responsibility or feel guilty for this. However Cameron went to Jamaica refusing to acknowledge the past injustices. Kids should learn at school what the empire did to people and countries. The stats are clear many think that the empire was great with very little understanding of the terrible aspects of it.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis This debate is pretty intractable as with Holocaust denial what one really needs to do is to make the History accountable. Take the Amritsar massacre for instance portrayed in the Film Ghandi, it happened, and the film is a British Cinema classic. There is a responsibility to acknowledge facts but the responsibility where the power to affect events has passed does not extend to generational Guilt. History should teach us but to be punished for it or guilt tripped for it is absurd.

General Dyer and the British Forces attempt to supress Indian rebellion

Chris Williams
Chris Williams By an odd coincidence I was in Nottingham on Saturday teaching students about (among other things) interpretations of the Amritsar massacre. I don’t think that guilt is inherited, but, what happens when the fruits of theft are inherited?

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis “Every tree is sacred
and it is a sin
to be rude to a book.
It is a sin to shove a book aside
with your foot,
a sin to slam books down
hard on a table,
a sin to toss one carelessly
across a room.
You must learn how to turn the pages gently
without disturbing Sarasvati,”

Leo Garib
Leo Garib Thank you for your excellent comment and post, Kat Boettge.
As you correctly point out, acknowledging the atrocities of the British empire isn’t just about purging the past because millions are still living with the empire – including ourselves in Brexit Britian.
Hannah Arendt, the great post-war philosopher, argued cogently in Responsibility and Judgement against future German generations feeling guilt when they were innocent of the actions:
“Morally speaking, it is as wrong to feel guilty without having done anything specific as it is to feel free of all guilt if one actually is guilty of something. I have always regarded it as the quintessence of moral confusion that during the postwar period in Germany those who personally were completely innocent assured each other and the world at large how guilty they felt, while very few of the criminals were prepared to admit even the slightest remorse.”
But the British empire is still part of our lives, still shapes our culture and determines our policies.
Britain continues to be a major imperialist country, intervening indirectly through corruption and directly through war. Brexit was based on the national chauvinism which empire and its cultural corollary supremacism has engendered. The very first act of Theresa May’s government was to reaffirm its alignment with the US and Trump in particular, while other EU countries stood back aghast. Now we heat that Whitehall wits have dubbed the government’s post-Brexit trade plans in Africa as ‘Empire 2.0’. I think it was irony.

Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis To somehow equate Brexit voting as rascist or neo colonialist/imperialist is absurd. The EU is itself imperialist, and elitist it is nonsense to foist a political ideology held by a government in power to the motives of an electorate, it simply does not stand up to logical examination. It also pre- supposes that Governments pay any attention to electorates in general. It is the Elites of any society that manipulates the population, populations are victims of states as much as the unfortunate countries subjected to mercantilist imperial exploitation.

Anthony David Canivet Webber
Anthony David Canivet Webber The worst mistake was the partition of India and that was because of the haste to dismantle the Empire. The partition was in many ways the start of divisive politics. India should have remained united in the British Empire, overall a great force for good in the world. The peoples of the Empire were not asked if they wanted “independence” and if they had been, I suggest we would still have a formidable force for good in the world, with non divisive governing of peoples. Many regions of the world asked to be part of the British Empire, for many reasons, including stability, security and good government without corruption.

Anthony David Canivet Webber
Anthony David Canivet Webber One only has to look at what has happened to the vast majority of former British Empire countries once they had been given “independence.” Any good examples of how well they have fared ? Very difficult indeed. But then the dismantling of the British Empire was never about freedom and independence, although projected as such, it was about giving control to globalist corporations with not a care for the future of the peoples concerned

Francis Moore-Lappe said this 30 years ago. Few listened. Those with a profit to protect shouted her down. Those who were in love with their personal choice of technological fix – pesticides and more recently GM chose to ignore and deride her. Feeding the population of the earth does NOT require pesticides or GM technology. The problem is and always has been land distribution, what crops are grown, and how the food and other benefits are distributed. They are political and economic problems not scientific ones.

Report warns of catastrophic consequences and blames manufacturers for ‘systematic denial of harms’ and ‘aggressive, unethical marketing tactics’

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Politicised Scientific Narratives abound David, they are damaging and have damaged science.…/Document:Some_Big_Lies_of… I have this past week or two been working my way through the work of Prof Bruce Charlton…/elsevier-editor-change… This book is very interesting . The monetisation of everything is certainly devaluing both Life and Mind I think.

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