Its a process of distillation. Taking a Popp at the Establishment.

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Posted on March 12, 2017

 Even as such a reactionary speaks, or is read, or watched – as he invades PC discourse – the politically correct can feel their life draining away, can sense the world receding, can perceive the delusional world crumbling, the void yawning.Hence the viciousness, the panicked attack using anything to hand which might work: ad hominem inventions (immediately believed as facts), fantasied motivations, lies of any and every kind and even violence (at second hand – regretted, maybe, but not condemned).
For the PC it is vitally necessary to control discourse, to exclude all hostile communications if possible, immediately to stop them if they break through. There can be no delay – effective dissent must be shouted-down, mocked, vilified, shut-up; the politically correct must switch-off, turn-away, gabble and gossip to drown or silence the hostile discourse; instruct, direct and unleash the mob – then begin again to rebuild the thought prison of PC discourse by their own words, in their own image.
The venom of the politically correct is the venom of a person faced by the extinction of those pleasurable distractions upon which they rely utterly to keep themselves going: the ever-expanding choice of favourite food; the anticipated holidays anywhere; the pleasures of seduction without restrictions; the unbounded potential novelties of sex, picking and mixing among an un-endingly growing, whirling and recombining of cultures and ideas; the experimentation with drinks and (maybe) drugs; fantastic hopes for these to be facilitated by world peace, harmony, abolition of poverty, blendings: in sum, the infinite possibilities of the future, and the hope of pleasures so overwhelming and utterly absorbing as to extinguish all concerns concerning meaninglessness or lack of purpose: strong enough to delete self-consciousness.
The more extreme, the less realistic, the greater the delusional psychoticism of the PC dream – the greater its fragility and the greater the loathing of anyone who threatens to shatter it.
Against such reactionaries anything is permitted – restrained only by the danger of evoking such an extreme of self-disgust, of demoralization, as to shatter the dream oneself.
This is the danger faced by the intellectual elite – that one day they will behave such that they will destroy their own delusions of themselves.
Then there will be nowhere for them to turn.
Nowhere at all.
*The irrationality of PC
Logic is extremely dangerous to political correctness, since its basic survival mechanism is one of continual revolution, continual attack, continual ground-shifting.
Logic, by contrast, presupposes an eternal and unchanging standard.
Political correctness hates that kind of thing…

Posted May 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo
“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”
Bears-1Andreas Popp resides in Canada, apparently has become a financially independent businessman, traveled to Berlin, Germany to speak at a recently organized, ongoing weekly “Monday National Meeting” on April 21, 2014, then delivered what this writer feels is a truly phenomenal address.
In attempting to describe the address by Mr. Popp, the first thing that comes to mind is that he spoke for over 40 minutes without any notes or a prepared speech. This is interesting because every time an elected representative speaks on the floor of Congress in America, or takes his or her turn asking questions of invited panelists in committee hearings, or a press briefing on a particular issue, that man or woman reads…
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This Blog by Toby Russel posits the ruling Elite, Hybridised Oligarchy call it what you will as a Danistocracy borrowed from Popp and Albrecht, The medias role as the fourth Estate is brought center stage in this analysis with the Political Theater relegated to a role subservient to or co-mingled with the Main Stream media. This Speech , a rare one from Popp sets out much of what we need to do which could be summed up as Ignore the Bastards and do what you know will do some good. Do not pay attention to the Narcissists it only encourages them.
The speech of Andreas Popp from Wissensmanufaktur/ Plan B on Easter Monday Demonstration 2014 in Berlin with about 6.000 demonstrators is now available in English. 

Businessman and author Andreas Popp, together with his friends at Wissensmanufaktur Institute, has developed an alternative “Plan B” for our western economy and society since they realized that the current system does not serve the people, but cannot be “healed” from within.

As of april 2014, German mainstream media continue to ignore the peaceful weekly monday demonstrations in now over 34 German cities – defaming them ludicrously as “new right-wing movement”, whatever this should mean – as well as the efforts and offerings of Wissensmanufaktur and many other activists.
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