´´Wire Tapping ´´ Technologically Challenged Media´´Schadenfreude, It´s Like German Chocolate Cake for the soul.

With all the Hacking and Phone tapping fuss, here are a couple of cartoon strips I came across today.
Is the media really so dumb or do they know all this stuff and realise that they are essentially an ignorance factory doing a fantastic job of nurturing ignorance or are they the Ignorant leading the ignorant, or the blind leading the blind?


On ´´Wire tapping´´, Vault 7  Snowden and all that, demonstrates the fact that all data is harvested by definition and therefore ordering a wiretap or a surveillance is not necessary these days. It´s more like dialling out for a ´pizza´ for john podesta or a ´hot dog´ for president Obama, you might say.

´´Wire Tap ´´ is merely a colloquialism in this digital wirelessly networked age.

For some real Vintage surveillance porn, one has really to become acquainted with the work of Duncan Campbell and his banned television series, ´the Secret Society´. Duncan  Continues his stellar brand of Journalism, sadly not practised by the media presstitutes of Neo Liberal Globalism.

First Though a bit of ABC.

ABC Trial

Event.png ABC Trial 
ABC Trial.jpg
Date 5 September 1978 – 17 November 1978
Type criminal trial
Description An official secrets case of 1977-78 during which the UK Labour government prosecuted 3 people for holding an interview, using the Official Secrets Act 1911, a law they earlier had promised to repeal.
The ABC Trial was an official secrets case of 1977-78, when a Labour government prosecuted two journalists and a former soldier for holding an interview, using the Official Secrets Act 1911, a law they had promised to repeal years before. The ABC case (named after the three defendants: Crispin AubreyJohn Berry and Duncan Campbell) ended in November 1978, causing grave embarrassment for James Callaghan‘s Labour government.[1]
Aubrey was a journalist for Time Out magazine, Berry a former corporal in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Campbell an investigative journalist. One of the prosecution witnesses, an anonymous SIGINT officer referred to as Colonel B, was in fact Hugh Johnstone.[2]


  • 18 February 1977: Aubrey and Campbell (the two journalists) interviewed Berry
  • 20 February 1977: All three men were arrested and charged under Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act 1911 (Berry was charged with “communicating classified information to unauthorised persons”, and Campbell and Aubrey with “unauthorised receipt of classified information”)
  • 24 May 1977: Further charges were added under Section 1 of the Official Secrets Act 1911
  • 9 August 1977: Additional charge under Section 1 against Duncan Campbell, for collecting information
  • November 1977: Committal hearing at Tottenham Magistrates Court. First appearance of Colonel B as a prosecution witness.
  • 5 September 1978: Trial opens at the Old Bailey in front of Mr Justice Willis
  • 18 September 1978: Trial stopped after jury foreman exposed as a former SAS officer
  • 3 October 1978: Second trial opens in front of Mr Justice Mars-Jones
  • 24 October 1978: All Section 1 charges dropped
  • 17 November 1978: Aubrey, Berry and Campbell receive non-custodial sentences


External links


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https://player.vimeo.com/video/44948377 Secret Society – Zircon from Duncan Campbell on Vimeo.


So one sees that there really is very little new under the sun indeed Baruch Spinoza said this in 1676.

Barack Obama had some explaining to do to Chancellor Frau Merkel.


Duncan Cambell Breaks it down in this article here.

The final word and I for one, am betting that the last laugh will rest with President Donald Trump.

Schadenfreude Anyone.


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