Searching for ´´Intelligence´´, in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO? Not Counting Niggers, by George Orwell

What are the Intelligence capabilities of the EU? who does the EU spy on. All states have

spooks, the EU sees itself as and has taken for itself the trimmings of Statehood, even if it pretends otherwise. So who are the EU´s spooks, where is and what does the EU deep state do?

Daniel Ganser´s, Gladio Europes stay behind armies seems like an interesting starting point,


Not Counting Niggers

George Orwell

Here and there in the book, though not often, there are references to the ‘dependencies’ of the democratic states. ‘Dependencies’ means subject races. It is explained that they are to go on being dependencies, that their resources are to be pooled among the states of the Union, and that their coloured inhabitants will lack the right to vote in Union affairs. Except where the tables of statistics bring it out, one would never for a moment guess what numbers of human beings are involved. India, for instance, which contains more inhabitants than the whole of the ‘fifteen democracies’ put together, gets just a page and a half in Mr Streit’s book, and that merely to explain that as India is not yet fit for self-government the status quo must continue. And here one begins to see what would really be happening if Mr Streit’s scheme were put into operation. The British and French empires, with their six hundred million disenfranchised human beings, would simply be receiving fresh police forces; the huge strength of the USA would be behind the robbery of
India and Africa. Mr Streit is letting cats out of bags, but all phrases like ‘Peace Bloc’, ‘Peace Front’, etc contain some such implication; all imply a tightening-up of the existing structure. The unspoken clause is always ‘not counting niggers’. For how can we make a ‘firm stand’ against Hitler if we are simultaneously weakening ourselves at home? In other words, how can we ‘fight Fascism’ except by bolstering up a far vaster injustice?

but further,  the report of surveillance by Duncan Campbell in 2001 is also worthy of some consideration.

In 1988, Duncan revealed in theNew Statesman the existence of ECHELON, an extension of the UKUSA Agreement on global signals intelligence [Sigint]. The story, ‘Somebody’s listening,’ detailed how the eavesdropping operations were not only being employed in the interests of ‘national security,’ but were regularly abused for corporate espionage in the service of US business interests.

The piece passed largely unnoticed outside of journalism circles. Then in 1996, New Zealand reporter, Nicky Hager, published ‘Secret Power,’ a thorough investigation of New Zealand’s role in signals intelligence. In 1998 and 1999 respectively, the European Parliament/ Science and Technology Option Assessment [STOA] published reports by Leeds Metropolitan University Lecturer, Steve Wright (‘Technology of Political Control’) and Campbell’s ‘Interception Capabilities 2000″.

The report was presented to the European Parliament in 2000, who commissioned further reports the following year – ‘Interpection Capabilities 2001’.

On these pages, you will find original stories and reports; we have also included press reactions and a collection of videos that examine Echelon’s function in the world.

Somebody’s listening…

In the booming surveillance industry they spy on whom they wish, when they wish, protected by barriers of secrecy, fortified by billions of pounds worth of high, high technology. ECHELON is revealed!

12 August, 1988

Interception Capabilities 2000

‘IC 2000’ is Duncan’s original report to the European Parliament. Considered to be the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of ECHELON’s function in global intelligence operations, it garnered significant praise.

EPIC Report

Duncan’s report for the Electronic Privacy Information Center [EPIC], based in Washington DC which investigated the US National Security Agency’s use of surveillance and it’s effect on human rights.

ICIE2001:Echelon and its role in COMINT

Paper 1 of Duncan’s ‘Interception Capabilities: Impact & exploitation 2001’ clarifies many of the misconceptions and misreporting of Echelon.

ICIE2001: COMINT Impact on international trade

Using detailed, entirely American original sources, ‘Paper 2’ argues the significant economic and employment losses caused by Echelon’s misuse.

ICIE2001: COMINT, privacy and human rights:

‘Paper 2’ reveals the extent to which Echelon and Communications intellelligence is purposed towards the protection of US interests over European ones.

EU Parliament Resolution

The full European Parliament resolution on Echelon.

Ex-CIA director on Echelon

Former-CIA director James Whoolsey remarks on Echelon at the foreign press centre in Washington DC in 2000.


A timeline of the changes in Echelon’s history, going back to 1964.

“Success stories”

A list of cases where Echelon was used for industrial espionage purposes.

Duncan’s reports on Echelon received significant attention and praise:

  • “This is by far the most authoritative document ever prepared on just what snooping is being done into your and my telecommunications”. Sunday Programme, Channel 9 TV, Australia : 23 May 1999
  • “The report is undoubtedly the most comprehensive look at Echelon to date because of its attention to detail — [and] the NSA’s use of technology” Wired, 10 May 1999.
  • “Son investigation est tout à fait explosive; elle rappelle, détails a l’appui, que l’appareil de renseignement américain, et son appendice britannique, espionne et traque les communications internationales depuis le début du siècle”. Le Point, 21 May 1999
  • “Eine Vorstellung wie aus der Phantasie eines Paranoikers: Ob wir über Handy oder Festnetz telefonieren, E-Mail schreiben, Dateien übers Internet verschicken – kein Wort sei sicher vor dem Zugriff internationaler Geheimdienste, die systematisch und in großem Maßstab nahezu alle Wege, auch den zivilen elektronischen Datenverkehr, belauschen und für ihre Zwecke auswerten”. Der Spiegel, 21 May 1999.
  • “I believe that it’s time that there is some congressional scrutiny of the Echelon project … Echelon has raised some questions about fundamental policy and constitutional rights.” US Congressman and former CIA General Counsel Bob Barr, (quoted in Wired, 10 May 1999)

ECHELON press referencing Duncan:

Is U.S. a Global Snoop? No, Europe Is Told

I woke up this morning with this question
Is there intelligence in the EU?
Searching for intelligence in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO?
Neil Newman was feeling disgusted.
Once Article 50 is signed, it is ***IMPOSSIBLE*** without the unanimous agreement of the rest of the EU for there to be a “Meaningful vote” in Parliament, my dear Peers.
therefore, to protect the rights of the EU citizens here it MUST be in the Bill itself.
Therefore the Govt and Davis Davis are LYING to you.
and you Labour Party are knowingly breaking your word to the Public.
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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Hi Neil,

I have read that several times and it does not make sense to me.
Article 50 triggers a process. Whatever is then negotiated is on the one side subject to the vote of the EU Parliament, or on technical or legal points the European Court.On the other side,
In the UK, whatever happens, is subject to our own legislature, meaning; The House of Commons, The House of Lords, and the Judiciary, ultimately the Supreme Court, we have seen these Apparatus in action with the Gena Miller case which has been wonderful from a constitutional pedagogy point of view.

The great reform bill as I understand it proposes to Port all of EU law into English law and then to embark on a process of auditing testing amending or repealing based upon the requirements of the British Isles and its own domestic and foreign policy. To protect EU citizens rights as with austerity the Government of the day has a political choice to make and the Government of the day will respond to public opinion especially around election time, in the FPTP voting system it is much more important that governments pay attention at that time the rest of the time under the competing elites model of democracy Governments generally ignore public opinion.

It is interesting ironic and paradoxical that Sovereignty of Parliament, Sovereignty of the crown, Sovereignty of the people and Sovereignty of the City of London and the Corporate legal fiction´s sovereignty are all in the melting pot with this one.

The key here is to understand that Austerity is a choice made in Political Economy and conferring residency status and the rights of a British Subject (we are subjects, not citizens) onto EU citizens resident in the UK are socio-political choices.…/socrati…
There is no evidence that the UK Government even this May Government which is much more neo-liberal than it is Tory, will have any worse chance of making an egalitarian and fair and just decision regarding EU citizens rights than the EU Commission will propose for a rubber stamp from the EU Parliament. I think Boris Johnson is the greatest threat to a more one nation tory type of approach with his mumblings about Rules based international liberal orders.…/moslem…


Neil Newman

Neil Newman Hi Roger, I’m afraid none of that made any sense to me.

it seems quite simple. The UK is a member of a voluntary club, the EU. The EU set rules about leaving the club. Those rules state that once the leaving process is started by the signing of A50, it can then only be reversed by unanimous agreements of everyone still in the club.

after all, so far “Brexit” has cost the World between 100-200 billion pounds Sterling. Such matters are incredibly important. This is NOT “steaming out of an interview in a rage”.

this is why generally important matters are kept out of the hands of politicians. Politicians in the main only care about tabloid headlines and “high polls”, with a strong side-wish of greasy palms.

I don’t see how “Austerity” fits into the argument.

so all in all, a bit opaque for me there ol buddy.


Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Neil, are you claiming the UK can only leave the Eu under Article 50 if the European Parliament votes to agree the Uk can do that? If you look at the supreme court ruling you will find that is not what they thought.
See top page 33.
´´article 50 provides that withdrawal must be affected by
a member state “in accordance with [its] constitutional requirements”…/uksc-2016-0196-judgment.pdf
Are you further arguing for a technocracy as politicians can not be trusted, or is it only European Parliamentarians that have the right stuff.
On the other stuff, I can have a go at clarifying it further tomorrow. But I think it makes sense if read slowly.


Neil Newman

Neil Newman no Roger. I said that once A50 is SIGNED, then the leave process is a juggernaut that can only be stopped from eventual Brexit if there is a unanimous choice by all existing members to allow the UK to change its mind and remain.

the EU cannot stop the…See More


Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis On the point I made on Austerity Neil, I meant only that it is a political choice as is the choice of the UK government to honour the rights of EU citizens working in the UK after Brexit takes effect.
The idea of a Juggernaut whilst impressively scary is I think a little overdone, the institutions in the Uk are deeply flawed and undemocratic almost as deeply flawed and undemocratic as the EU. I happen to think the Eu is further committed to a destructive corporate agenda involving suppression of European indigenous cultures. The UK has its fair share of people with power who also subscribe tot hat view but I think Brexit is an opportunity to get the UK back to a workable path towards democracy which hopefully will help other European Nations to do the same.
More Europe but less Brussels, is a good way of putting it as Karl Bildt said recently.

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Neil Newman

Neil Newman i’m not a dedicated “EU at any cost!”, but leaving with the Atlanticist alt.right in charge is just insanity roger.

there will be no “more democracy”, quite the opposite.

T May and David Davis are not Corbyn and McDonnell.


Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Hi Neil, The EU and the UK are basically the Titanic of Globalism which is sinking. Brexit is a Lifeboat or a deckchair and Remain is a deck chair or a lifeboat. You takes your choice and pays your money.I wrote this last November….See More



Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair? The World Economy is in trouble, it is based upon an…




Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Neil, the leap is a conscious leap that many are ignorant of both the British Constitutional system and the evolution of the EU system is a matter of design by the governors and indifference on the part of the governed.
Democracy is an emergent process both in the UK and in the EU and the EU member states, All that the Coalition Government and the Cameron Administration from 2015 were able to do to the NHS was achieved under the EU regime and only built upon ´New´´ Labours efforts at that. Outside of the EU, the political choices will not be deflected by blaming the EU. Another convenient excuse or good cop bad cop routine is the one between the ´´Markets´´ for which read Banks, and Government budget restraints.
The idea that the EU has somehow been a restraint on neo-liberal policies or the Growth of financialised state monopoly capitalism is ludicrous. The EU is a major building block of the whole Globalisation process.
At this stage, one needs to make a clear distinction between Globalisation and Internationalism.

How one deals with steering the UK away from Austerity and the debt money lie is the challenge we face and that challenge is not only faced at the European Level, there is a whole structure of World Trade under WTO, World Bank, IMF and International Bank of Settlements that have institutionalised the Neo-Liberal elitist regime at a high finance level over and above ´´Democratic´´ Government structures, this is ´´Market ´´Discipline for which read discipline by Banks.

As far as Blind leaps go, it truly is a case of the Blind leading the blind as the pot calls the kettle black and the tone-deaf are set the task of judging how harmonious the glorious political cacophony truly is.


Neil Newman

Neil Newman can i massively simplify? If we roughly divide ‘reality’ into 3 story camps, 1984, Brave New World, & Evolutionary Sanity.

1984 can be equated to Brexit. Dropping out of the EU under THIS govt will lead to UK break-up, and total removal of social security and NHS. This leads to the wars of 1984, and our eventual joining America after £ goes under.

Brave New World only comes about if we avoid that fate. It is the world of Corporate/Class ‘scientific’ stratification, where 19th Century ‘Liberal’ ideas of “compassionate slave-holding” comes true, with its “happy slaves” and chemically/sociologically-induced strata from Alphas downwards.

we can see both of those ‘worlds’ happening now, of course, both are possible future pathways with solid roots in the NOW.

you are seemingly currently more concerned with BNW than with 1984. Perhaps you have data i do not. But i assure you, it’s not that i’m UNCONCERNED with that – but that future is decades away, and can be prevented by organised labour – unions – far more easily than 1984 can be averted, which is happening NOW.

if we – global, Western – can avoid those two fates, and also get global WMDs under check by new START treaties, and also move towards perma-sustainability rather than (more) resource-wars, and clean up the corporate banking/Corporation sector again as they did in the 19th, and end poverty-inducement in the 3rd World so they can also develop in a sustainable way and enter the Web Age, – then perhaps the common-sense of 4Bn years of evolutionary pressure will win out over our egos, we can explore outer and inner space freely, and all manner of evolutionary possibilities can be tried.

lol, there’s more chance of a Pope saying birth control and divorce might not be the greatest sins of all time!! 😀

….oh wait up…. o.O

what i’m saying is i get your concerns. But, rightly or wrongly, rampant insanity, subjectivity gone mad, Story-telling Uber Alles fruit-and-nutiness, crazy talk; i feel that Brexit RIGHT NOW, WITH THESE CLOWNS IN CHARGE, is the worst possible choice to make imaginable.

if you haven’t read 1984 recently its worth a gander, legal free versions online. And you must be aware that Brexit will lead to:…/hunger-filth-fear-and…

peace dude. I haven’t yet watched the CO2 vid yet, sorry. Will get around to it though. 🙂 [I need some hope lol 😉 ]


Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis It is funny you should mention 1984, Orwell, and Brave New World HG Wells, Are we living in 1984 or Animal farm?
I have this past 2 – 3 weeks read most of Well´s non-fiction output, I am presently writing the third part to a poetry Trilogy, Usury, Bourgeoisie and Globalisation.
Here are my notes….See More






Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis…/were…

“Your music should be abou’ where you’re from an’ the sort o’ people yeh come from.—Say it once, say it loud, I’m black an’ I’m proud …—…




Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis Finally Neil, Big Brother arrived long, long before 1984, Duncan Campbell had already been warned off by 1977 (eavesdroppers) Take a look at some of my recent links to Duncan´s work on my blog or preferably directly. Duncans Work is still massively suppressed on the web. Which reminds me I was going to spend some time today looking for EU intelligence (;…/last…


Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis…/European_Union_Intelligence… here we go perhaps we can both root around this one together see what we find?

Since January 2011, the EU INTCEN is part of the European External Action Service (EEAS)[1] under the authority of the EU’s High Representative.




Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis



Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga, KOGF (Spanish: [fɾanˈθisko xaˈβjer soˈlana ðe…




Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis

clarifies its security strategy which is aimed at achieving a secure Europe in a better world, identifying the threats facing the Union, defining its strategic objectives and setting out the political implications for Europe.




Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis…/Gerhard_Conrad_(intelligence…

Gerhard Conrad (born 1954) is an officer of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), the foreign intelligence agency of Germany, and one its foremost experts on the Arab world. A fluent Arabic speaker, he was bureau chief of the BND’s Damascus office from 1998 to 2002.[1] He holds a doctorate of Isla…



Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis…/European_Union_Intelligence… That’s one circuit and now to start digging.

Since January 2011, the EU INTCEN is part of the European External Action Service (EEAS)[1] under the authority of the EU’s High Representative.



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