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David Chandler

This diatribe has been in my drafts for ages, I am searching dialogue and situations for my #NOVEL #CONQUESTOFDOUGH #conquestofdough so excuse me when I slap some more colour on my palette.

First scribbled May the 6th 2011. Came up for air 22nd March 2017.

Wow, I am so pleased we have real smart guys out there that can get to the bottom of these really hard things to understand. I would have liked to have seen a little more analysis perhaps even some mathematical proofs that the physics of Freefall or Newton´s first law of motion doesn’t apply to Office buildings which have aircraft hijacked by Moslem Terrorists flown into them. But I guess this guy is really busy writing on all the blogs that make preposterous claims on all manner of other things like Economic cycles are a purely Natural phenomena over which the Banks have no control and that mass advertising for everything including our political choices is in no way tainted by any sort of exaggeration and the playing field is completely level before God. The climate Change Flat Earther denialist scum bags they really get me too so I am sure we will find this scourge of the purveyors of denialism very busy in those areas too, Flouride in Water Thalidomide Nuclear Power Stations they are an industry that has thought of everything, they´re safe and really should be completely unregulated and there is no point on checking up on them either, BP and Shell are really cool too, ask anyone living in the Gulf of Mexico, but we shouldn’t ever trust Russians and Japanese for obvious reasons. Right now we consider it, wow this guy´s really busy. I’m not surprised the 9/11 thing really makes him angry because let´s think, what else is there?

There’s ; Palestine, The Kurds, Bhopal, more famines than you can shake an M16 at, Oklahoma, Columbine, Wako, Dr David Kelly anyone remember the Iraqi Super Gun of and WMD’s what a bunch of fantasists they were ( Oh wait was that Us I’m not quite sure still the Great Leader can help us with that too I’m sure. Some people obviously just are so off message, just not buying into the Narrative they can’t stay on the same page and see the truth in the statistics.
No pictures of Bin Laden absolutely right but of course people are still saying that The great Leader Mr Obama was perhaps too timid in absolutely not allowing any propaganda to reflect so badly on the otherwise wonderful work taking 10 years to track down the most wanted man in History what we have seen is that the task was quite the needle in the Hay Stack wasn’t it Sheesh some guys just don’t get it do they.

Well lets all be grateful for the warriors for truth and free speech able to provide the kind of in-depth balanced and thoughtful analysis that we have grown to expect and admire in our Free Press. Why the hell we don’t all just stick to the professionally produced and properly financed Internet Franchises with a serious Narrative and on message branding we can all only wonder. But the screw loose change Blogspot is there for all of us, a beacon of balance and reason shining a light of hope and truth and belief and knowledge into the lives of people who would take their I-pod out of their ears turn off the latest Justin Bieber or pop idol masterpiece ignore the wisdom of the Panel of Experts and listen to someone offering their own ideas. How could they possibly be sincere professional and even take themselves remotely seriously? Have they been published? this Grub-street nonsense really must stop. Get me out of this celebrity Jungle idol I know where I can get my truth like all good Mushrooms I’m remaining firmly in the Dark, remaining deeply grateful for the shit they so graciously and condescendingly feed me.


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